Audeze LCD-5 – Magnetostatic Reference Headphones

The new Audeze LCD-5 is said to be a new flagship from Audeze LLC., a reference headphone for particularly demanding hi-fi enthusiasts and in the professional studio environment.

With the new Audeze LCD-5, Audeze LLC. delivers nothing less than a new flagship in the field of high-end headphones, the company is convinced. What’s more, the company believes that the new Audeze LCD-5 redefines the top class in the field of magnetostatic headphones, offering a solution that can meet even the highest demands in the hi-fi sector and in the professional studio environment.

With the new Audeze LCD-5, they claim to have once again developed an incorruptible reference.

Audeze LLC. as a proven specialist in magnetostatic headphones

It is clear that the Californian company, which was founded in 2009, has always been considered a specialist in the field of magnetostatic headphones.

Many of the company’s models shine with unique features and therefore enjoy an impeccable reputation among lovers of particularly high-quality headphones, whether in the hi-fi sector or in the professional studio environment, after all, the same standards apply in both areas, namely reproduction that is as perfect as possible.

Audeze LLC. has always claimed to offer solutions that can reproduce all the nuances of music, and do so as faithfully and transparently as possible. This is especially true of the company’s top-of-the-line models, of which the new Audeze LCD-5 is now set to take on the role of flagship.

The new flagship Audeze LCD-5

The new Audeze LCD-5 follows in the footsteps of its predecessors and, like the Audeze LCD-2, Audeze LCD-3 and Audeze LCD-4, aims to set the industry standard, according to the company.

As if this were not ambitious enough, the new Audeze LCD-5 aims to raise the bar even higher in the field of magnetostatic headphones, relying on technologies that have already been used in the past, but which have been further refined for the new model.

Proven technologies in a further improved version

As before, so-called Fluxor magnets are to provide a powerful drive with low weight. A further refined version of the Fazor waveguides also ensures even sound distribution within the ear cups.

The most important element of a magnetostatic transducer, however, is the 90 mm Nano-scale diaphragm. This has a particularly low thickness; the manufacturer refers to this as a solution that can react accurately to even the finest musical impulses.

Foto © Audeze LLC. | Audeze LCD-5
Foto © Audeze LLC. | Audeze LCD-5

With the Parallel Uniforce voice coil technology, the new Audeze LCD-5 has another essential design feature for the promised accurate reproduction. The conductive tracks are of different widths and thus ensure an even conversion of the sound signals with minimal partial vibrations. The result, according to Audeze LLC, is extremely fast transient response over a wide frequency range and significantly improved, virtually distortion-free transparency, regardless of volume.

In addition, the Parallel Uniforce voice coil ensures that the Audeze LCD-5 is undemanding with respect to its source devices. For example, the headphones have an impedance of only 15 ohms, while at the same time their efficiency is 90 dB, so that they can unfold their full potential even with not so powerful headphone amplifiers.

Maximum wearing comfort thanks to new materials for the housing

According to the manufacturer, the housing of the new Audeze LCD-5 has been completely redesigned and features a carefully selected mix of carbon, magnesium, aluminium and plastic materials.

Thus, acetal headphone capsules in tortoise shell look in combination with said carbon and metal elements made of aluminium-magnesium alloy provide for a noble appearance, but at the same time for a very low weight of only 420g. This makes the new Audeze LCD-5 one of the lightest magnetostatic headphones on the market. When designing the housing, care was taken to avoid parallel surfaces in order to prevent resonances that could damage the sound.

The ear pads, which have also been redesigned and optimised for the new Audeze LCD-5, are of course essential for high wearing comfort. They are designed to adapt optimally to any head shape and have a lower absorption effect than before.

Foto © Audeze LLC. | Audeze LCD-5
Foto © Audeze LLC. | Audeze LCD-5

No compromise on the cable

Headphones like the new Audeze LCD-5 reveal every weak point, Audeze LLC. is convinced. Therefore, the cable is of utmost importance. They chose a cable made of high-purity OCC copper with a monocrystalline material structure for best conductivity as well as carefully selected premium connectors to guarantee a solid finish for high durability, but also a clean signal transmission for the desired ultra-precise reproduction.

According to the manufacturer, the new Audeze LCD-5 should be available in specialist shops within the next few days. The price for this solution is also quite ambitious, in accordance with the high demands on quality, as it is listed at € 4,990.

Getting to the point

Audeze LLC. has set very high goals for the new Audeze LCD-5. The aim is to provide nothing less than the reference in the field of magnetostatic headphones, and to do so by outdoing the outstanding predecessors Audeze LCD-2, Audeze LCD-3 and Audeze LCD-4. However, the price of this solution is also ambitious, that must be clearly stated.

Manufacturer:Audeze LLC.
Distribution:cma audio GmbH
Price:€ 4.990,-

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