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Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker – The exclusive outdoor speaker

Nomen est omen, with the new Steinway & Sons Marine Speakers, the Danish company SL Audio A/S or Steinway Lyngdorf addresses completely new target groups, because for the first time they present so-called Outdoor Speakers, solutions that have been designed for outdoor use and thus under any weather conditions. Luxury outdoor applications, as the company specifically states, are a special focus, such as terraces, wellness areas, the pool area, or even the use on yachts. In combination with the technologically outstanding amplifiers and sound processors of the Steinway & Sons brand, the IP65-certified Steinway & Sons Marine Speakers are said to offer the highest sound quality of an outdoor speaker.

Luxury Outdoor Applications – Loudspeaker Systems at the Highest Level

The Danes clearly state that the new Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker will be built to the same high quality standards as the existing speaker systems. In addition, the new outdoor loudspeaker is seen as a solution that can be integrated into the existing ecosystem, not least by providing custom installation experts with a product that they can use for their customers’ projects as an extension for completely new tasks in new or existing projects.

Full-range speaker of the high-end class

It is not for nothing that SL Audio A/S explicitly emphasises that the new Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker is intended to stand out from products of other manufacturers in this class. They say that, unlike many compact outdoor speakers, the Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker is designed as a full-range, high-end loudspeaker system that can effortlessly fill a yacht or outdoor pool area with first-class sound.

It is explicitly pointed out that this solution is easily capable of performing at such a high level as one would expect from classic hi-fi speaker systems, from acoustic singer-songwriter recordings to dynamic dance music and large orchestral pieces.

As already mentioned in the introduction, the integration of the new loudspeaker system into the existing ecosystem of SL Audio A/S will play a special role. The connection with Steinway & Sons amplifier systems and processors and the speaker calibration offered in this way should provide the optimal basis for reproduction in a wide variety of environments and arrangements, even when combining several Steinway & Sons Marine Speakers for sound reinforcement of larger areas.

State-of-the-art driver technology

SL Audio A/S claims that the new Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker is equipped with advanced driver technology to deliver the best sound quality and, not least, to suppress outdoor noise.

Two 8-inch woofer drivers per speaker and two additional 10-inch passive drivers on the rear provide deep and dynamic bass, even when placed outdoors. A dedicated 6.5″ midrange driver takes on the task of providing a clear and detailed midrange, which is particularly important for vocals and natural instruments. For the tweeter, the new Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker relies on an air-motion transformer, which is a typical detail of all Steinway & Sons speaker systems and is said to be capable of delivering exceptionally clear and detailed high frequencies, even at higher volumes.

The Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker is designed for amplifiers with a power of two times 400 watts per speaker, whereby it can develop up to 120 dB. The frequency range is specified by the manufacturer as 43 Hz to 20 kHz, with the crossover starting at 500 Hz and 2.5 kHz respectively. The connection is made via Neutrik speakON.

  • Foto © SL Audio A/S | Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker
  • Foto © SL Audio A/S | Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker
  • Foto © SL Audio A/S | Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker

Equipped for adverse weather conditions and yet with a noble design

Since the loudspeaker system is intended to be used under any weather conditions, the manufacturer relies on a closed aluminium housing and a special mesh at the front, which protects all drivers in the best possible way. As already briefly mentioned, the manufacturer claims for this solution that it is certified according to IP65 and thus protected against salt water, splash water and other weather influences.

Nevertheless, and this is the really remarkable thing, the new Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker does not resemble in any way the design of the solutions that one is used to in this segment, but rather presents itself as an extremely elegant solution that is also intended to express the high quality standards of the manufacturer visually and in terms of workmanship.

In this respect, the manufacturer says that the design with its rounded edges, white powder coating and gold-coloured ornaments, which are even made of 18 carat PVD coated stainless steel, fits perfectly into yacht and pool environments, but of course also into an exclusive wellness area or a prestigious terrace.

The scope of delivery includes a matching stand, which is firmly screwed to the speaker system and thus always guarantees a secure hold. However, mounting on the ceiling or wall is also possible.

The new speaker measures 300 x 760 x 333 mm and weighs 39 kg.

“The yacht segment has been important to us for years, and we have numerous examples of fascinating installations for the interior of a luxury yacht. With the IP65-certified Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker, we are now able to offer the ultimate sound for the outdoor areas of a yacht. Furthermore, as an outdoor speaker, the Marine Speaker is the perfect complement for garden and pool areas of private Steinway Lyngdorf system applications.”

Anker Haldan, CCO at Steinway Lyngdorf

Pricing and availability

SL Audio A/S first unveiled the new Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker at ISE 2022 in Barcelona and said it would be launched in the second quarter of this year. However, the Danish company has not yet named a price. Normally, this solution is offered in high-gloss white with gold accents, but the manufacturer states that customised lacquer finishes are also possible upon customer request for an additional charge.

Getting to the point

With the new Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker, the Danish company SL Audio A/S extends its product range in the field of speaker systems of the Steinway Lyngdorf brand by a particularly exquisite solution for outdoor use and thus for custom installation experts, thus offering a so-called Outdoor Speaker, which is especially aimed at customers who want to rely on an exquisite solution that is in no way inferior in sound and design to the first-class speaker systems of the Steinway & Sons brand.

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Distribution GermanyDREI H Vertriebs GmbH
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