Esthetica Audio & Video Furniture now with CMI Distribution Europe

The company Esthetica Audio & Video Furniture has recently dedicated itself to the production of exquisite hi-fi and AV furniture, focusing primarily on modular solutions that are handcrafted from wood, in some cases also as a combination of wood, glass and stainless steel. The company is based in Gurugram in the Indian state of Haryana and claims to realise solutions for particularly demanding users who are not only looking for systems that appear optimal from a purely technical point of view, but are also characterised by impeccable workmanship and an appealing design.

Esthetica Spa & Salon Resources Pvt Ltd. as parent company

Behind the company Esthetica Audio & Video Furniture stands the parent company Esthetica Spa & Salon Resources Pvt Ltd, whereby it is already clear from the name which products have been the focus here for years, namely furnishings for hotels and here especially the spa area. In this market segment, the company says, it not only works with leading hotel chains in its home market of India, but is also very successful internationally.

This means that the company can point to many years of experience in the conception and production of exquisite furnishing solutions and has built up a modern production facility of the highest standard. This expertise is now also to be used in the field of hi-fi and AV furniture, with this new branch of business being founded as Esthetica Audio & Video Furniture.

Two product groups, different product lines

Esthetica Audio & Video Furniture currently offers two product groups, on the one hand a series of HiFi Video Racks consisting of the solutions Diana Video Rack, Elenor Video Rack, Florence Video Rack and Victoria Video Rack, and the product line HiFi Audio Racks. Here, various series are available, such as the Octave Audio Rack and Octave Junior Audio Rack lines made of wood and stainless steel, the Melody Audio Rack built of wood and glass, and the Harper Audio Rack and Aria Audio Rack solutions made solely of wood, and last but not least, the Chorus Audio Rack product line.

CMI Distribution Europe new distributor

Esthetica Audio & Video Furniture’s systems will be handled by CMI Distribution with immediate effect. According to its own statement, the company from Swistal will concentrate primarily on the HiFi Racks by Esthetica Audio & Video Furniture and present them for the first time around the High End 2022 in Munich. However, not directly at the High End in the M.O.C. Munich, but rather on a smaller scale in the Hotel zur Mühle in Ismaning.

Getting to the point

High-quality hi-fi systems must be placed on appropriate furniture if they are to achieve their full potential. It is clear that special requirements apply with regard to stability and special construction to avoid resonance that could damage the sound, and that aesthetic demands should not be neglected either. The range of products on the market is now being expanded by a supplier from India, Esthetica Audio & Video Furniture, whose solutions are supported here in Germany by CMI Distribution Europe by Christoph Mertens.

CMI Distribution Europe
ManufacturerEsthetica Spa & Salon Resources Pvt Ltd.
DistributionCMI Distribution Europe
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