Sonus Faber S.p.a. takes over joinery De Santi Srl

The company that has been responsible for manufacturing the cabinets of Sonus Faber S.p.a.’s loudspeaker systems for 35 years will now become part of the Italian loudspeaker specialist. Sonus Faber S.p.a. buys De Santi Srl, according to a press release.

Sonus Faber S.p.a. is taking over De Santi Srl – at first glance, this is probably a news item that even many a sworn hi-fi enthusiast will find hard to understand. Only a closer look behind the scenes allows one to realise the full scope of this step.

For 35 years, the Italian loudspeaker specialists Sonus Faber S.p.a. and De Santi have been linked by a unique partnership. De Santi Srl is the carpenter’s workshop in the north of Italy that has been responsible for manufacturing the cabinets of Sonus Faber S.p.a. loudspeaker systems for years.

In fact, in recent years De Santi has almost exclusively manufactured loudspeaker cabinets for Sonus Faber S.p.a., so from the point of view of both companies it was obvious that Sonus Faber S.p.a. would eventually take over De Santi Srl. De Santi Srl in the end. And this is exactly what has now happened.

Long-standing partnership

Sonus Faber S.p.a. has been working with Luciano De Santi and his factory since 1986. The two companies share a passion for Italian heritage and craftsmanship, according to a joint statement.

The two companies have thus been partners for almost four decades, and employees of both companies have jointly developed loudspeakers that are rightly considered the finest Italian craftsmanship.

Expansion of the San Martino di Lupari site

With the addition of the De Santi team, Sonus Faber S.p.a. closes the gap in collaboration between design, engineering and woodworking teams, allowing for more innovative designs and unique customisation options, as well as shorter production lead times, it said.

“I am delighted to welcome Stefano De Santi and the entire De Santi team to Sonus faber. The high-quality construction of our wooden cabinets is a strong differentiator for Sonus faber and an essential part of our brand’s identity and resulting natural sound. This acquisition is a natural evolution of our 35-year collaboration, and I look forward to the amazing innovations we will develop together as a family of craftsmen.”

Jeff Poggi, CEO Sonus Faber S.p.a.

To keep up with increasing global demand, Poggi said Sonus Faber S.p.a. has already embarked on expanding its woodworking department with new CNC machines and painting facilities, as well as increasing its production space in San Martino di Lupari.

“I have always loved Sonus faber’s product philosophy; we have grown together over the last 35 years. The De Santi team and I are very happy to become part of the Sonus faber family and to finally be able to dedicate our work exclusively to building these acoustic works of art.”

Stefano De Santi, Owner De Santi Srl

The acquisition takes effect immediately and Stefano De Santi will be appointed Head of Woodworking at Sonus Faber S.p.a. and will lead the department, including current De Santi Srl employees who will remain in their current roles. New staff will be recruited in the coming months to expand capacity.

Getting to the point

The acquisition of De Santi Srl should enable loudspeaker specialist Sonus Faber S.p.a. to continue its growth and deliver high-quality, handcrafted audio equipment around the world. In fact, De Santi Srl has not only been working with the Italian loudspeaker specialist for 35 years, but manufactures almost exclusively for them. A takeover with new investments in the San Martino di Lupari site is therefore actually obvious.

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