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Shokz OpenSwim Pro – New open-ear bone-sound sports headphones

With the new Shokz OpenSwim Pro, personal audio solutions specialist Shokz Holding Limited is supplying waterproof, open-ear bone-sound headphones. The special feature here: in addition to Bluetooth for connecting to a smartphone, it is also equipped with an integrated MP3 player and can therefore even be used under water.

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  • The new Shokz OpenSwim Pro from specialist Shokz, which was presented at CES 2024 and is now available, is said to be a waterproof open-ear bone-sound headphone.

Headphones that can be used for a wide variety of sporting activities have always been one of Shokz Holding Limited’s specialities, including solutions specifically designed for swimming, such as the Shokz OpenSwim. Nevertheless, the new Shokz OpenSwim Pro, presented for the first time at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, is a first for Shokz.

The new Shokz OpenSwim Pro is said to be the first Bluetooth and MP3-capable headphones designed as open-ear bone-sound headphones.

Shokz OpenSwim Pro – Specially developed for athletes

Shokz calls the new Shokz OpenSwim Pro the ultimate sports headphones, specially developed for athletes. Even if, for marketing reasons, the name focuses primarily on swimming, the new Shokz OpenSwim Pro is of course also perfect for all other outdoor sports or where a particularly robust design is required. This is exactly what this solution is designed to offer, as it is not only completely waterproof to IP68, but also sweat-resistant.

The frame is made of nickel-titanium alloy in combination with soft silicone material and a so-called Biofit design to ensure the aforementioned particularly robust design, while at the same time weighing just 27 g and therefore offering optimum wearing comfort for many hours. Special attention has also been paid to ensuring that the promised secure hold and high level of comfort is also guaranteed in combination with sunglasses, swimming goggles and a swimming cap.

8th generation bone conduction technology and Shokz PremiumPitch 2.0+

The new Shokz OpenSwim Pro uses bone conduction technology as its sound transmission system, which is now in its 8th generation. This solution also features Shokz PremiumPitch 2.0+, which is designed to ensure a clear sound with convincing bass. Using the appropriate app, the Shokz app for Apple iOS and Google Android, the performance can also be customised using an EQ, including special modes such as Vocalice Booster Mode and Swim Mode.

Designed as open-ear headphones, this ensures that the user can always hear enough of their surroundings.

Two integrated microphones are available for phone calls, with noise and echo cancellation for the best possible voice quality. Voice control is of course also available, whether via Apple Siri on Apple iOS or Google Assistant on Google Android.

MP3 for swimming, Bluetooth for everything else…

But of course only if the new Shokz OpenSwim Pro is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.4, whereby it also allows multipoint pairing, i.e. simultaneous pairing with two source devices in order to switch seamlessly between them.

The key point is that Bluetooth can be used for any type of sport, in every conceivable situation, but not for swimming. The signal transmission via Bluetooth would be interrupted as soon as the headphones are under water.

The integrated MP3 player is therefore used for swimming, whereby the Shokz OpenSwim Pro supports data in MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, APE, FLAC and WAV formats. To be fair, it should be noted that the formats that are of particular interest are those with comparatively high data reduction, such as MP3 or AAC, as the memory of the new Shokz OpenSwim Pro only has 32 GB.

Up to nine hours of battery life

The new Shokz OpenSwim Pro is equipped with a 160 mAh lithium-polymer battery, which is said to have a playing time of up to nine hours. It is charged using its own power supply and induction.

“Swimmers love the OpenSwim, but the feature we asked for the most was the ability to use Bluetooth out of the water so they can stream their favourite music when they’re not in the pool. Getting to the point couldn’t be prouder. Getting to the point, the OpenSwim Pro is our most versatile headphone yet, featuring Shokz’s signature open-ear sound. With Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities, the OpenSwim Pro realises the full potential of an athlete and is designed to be comfortable, safe and reliable in any situation.”

Vincent Xiong, Chief Executive Officer bei Shokz

Prices and availability

The new Shokz OpenSwim Pro made its debut at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, and now these new headphones are actually available. The recommended retail price is listed at € 199,-.

Getting to the point

With the new Shokz OpenSwim Pro, headphones designed for sports are now available, which are not only designed for swimming with an integrated MP3 player, but can also be used on land like conventional sports headphones via Bluetooth. The specialist Shokz Holding Limited promises that this will provide sports enthusiasts with a particularly flexible, robust solution.

PRODUCTShokz OpenSwim Pro
Price€ 199,-
ManufacturerShokz Holding Limited
Distribution AustriaShokz Holding Limited
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