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Scansonic M On-wall – Powerful On-wall Speaker

High sound quality in the form of an on-wall speaker, this was the challenge that Dantax Radio A/S set for the latest Scansonic HD brand loudspeaker system from the Scansonic M Series, and which the new Scansonic M On-wall is expected to master with ease.

Scansonic HD describes the latest addition to the Scansonic M Series, the new Scansonic M On-wall, as a true multi-purpose speaker. As the name suggests, this is a so-called on-wall speaker, i.e. a solution intended solely for wall mounting. The Danish loudspeaker specialist Dantax Radio A/S, which is behind the Scansonic HD brand, is convinced that it is presenting a solution that is equally suitable for home cinema and stereo and therefore describes it as a particularly flexible system.

The Scansonic M Series

The Danes refer to the Scansonic M Series as a product line that can be regarded as true high-performance systems, because they offer a particularly high-resolution sound that, according to the manufacturer, is normally only known from much more expensive solutions. This already suggests that this product line strives for a particularly attractive price-performance ratio, but also for particularly slim, living room-friendly dimensions and a very appealing, timelessly elegant design.

As with the entire product range, the Scansonic M Series also benefits from the so-called trickle-down strategy, by means of which the Scansonic HD brand can adopt much of the experience and technology of the systems of its sister brand Raidho Acoustics.

So far, the Scansonic M Series is presented in the form of the Scansonic M10, a compact bookshelf loudspeaker designed as a two-way system, the Scansonic M20 floorstanding loudspeaker system, which is designed as a two-and-a-half-way system, as is the second floorstanding loudspeaker system of the series, the Scansonic M40. In addition, the Scansonic M Center is exactly what the name suggests, namely a centre speaker, so that the Scansonic M Series can be used for stereo as well as home cinema.

Foto © Dantax Radio A/S | Scansonic M On-wall
Foto © Dantax Radio A/S | Scansonic M On-wall

The versatile one – Scansonic M Onwall

Of course, this also applies to the new Scansonic M On-wall, because, as already mentioned in the introduction, the manufacturer from Denmark has once again attached great importance to a particularly flexible use.

The Scansonic M On-wall is particularly suitable for classic stereo hi-fi chains, as long as the space requirement is kept to a minimum. Because it is wall-mounted, this system does not take up any floor space at all; the only thing the manufacturer recommends in this context is expanding it with a suitable subwoofer.

The design as a wall-mounted speaker system is, of course, perfect for use in home cinema, because here the new Scansonic M On-wall can optimally fulfil the tasks of a front or surround speaker, and that, too, with ultimately no space requirement.

Foto © Dantax Radio A/S | Scansonic M On-wall
Foto © Dantax Radio A/S | Scansonic M On-wall

Designed as a two-way bass reflex system

Equipped with a sealed ribbon tweeter with Kapton aluminium cone and a 4.5 inch woofer driver with honeycomb reinforced cone as well as a downward acting bass reflex system, a frequency range between 50 Hz and 20 kHz can be reproduced, whereby the crossover starts at 4.5 kHz, the impedance is stated to be 8 ohms and the efficiency is 88 dB. The two-way bass reflex system Scansonic M On-wall is thus designed for amplifiers with a power of 10 up to 120 watts.

The Scansonic M On-wall measures 210 x 320 x 107 mm and weighs only 4.35 kg.

We already mentioned it, the manufacturer praises the solutions of the Scansonic M Series as systems with a beautiful, timelessly elegant Danish design, including the new Scansonic M On-wall, which is presented in either silk matt black or silk matt white.

Foto © Dantax Radio A/S | Scansonic M On-wall
Foto © Dantax Radio A/S | Scansonic M On-wall

Prices and availability

The Scansonic M On-wall, the latest addition to the Scansonic M Series, should be available within the next few days. The recommended retail price is € 825,-, whereby this is to be understood as a pair price.

Getting to the point

It’s a solution that has clearly been missing from the Scansonic M Series and is now available from Danish loudspeaker specialist Dantax Radio A/S in the form of the new Scansonic M On-wall, a compact, elegant two-way bass reflex system in the form of a loudspeaker for wall mounting. This makes this solution equally suitable for stereo and home cinema, wherever space is at a premium.

Price€ 825,-
ManufacturerDantax Radio A/S
DistributionAudiophil GbR
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