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Scansonic L Series – Scansonic L On-wall, Scansonic L7 and Scansonic L14

The Danish specialist Dantax Radio A/S comes up with three new loudspeaker systems for the brand Scansonic HD and its Scansonic L Series. With the models Scansonic L On-wall, Scansonic L7 and Scansonic L14, a solution for wall mounting, a powerful shelf speaker system as well as a floorstanding speaker system are available.

The Scansonic L Series has three new additions: Scansonic L On-wall, Scansonic L7 and Scansonic L14 expand this product line of the Danish loudspeaker specialist Dantax Radio A/S and its brand Scansonic HD. One of the company’s most popular product lines is now even broader, offering even more flexible use in both stereo and home cinema. The new solutions, like the entire product series, are to be characterised by a particularly attractive price-performance ratio, as the Danish manufacturer explicitly emphasises.

Scansonic L Series – Surprisingly affordable

This is how Dantax Radio A/S describes the Scansonic L Series from Scansonic HD as a product family of loudspeaker systems with an elegant Scandinavian design and high performance. The solutions offer a sound experience that one does not hear every day in this price range, according to the manufacturer.

So far, the product line consists of the Scansonic L12 and Scansonic L9 floorstanding speaker systems, the Scansonic L5 bookshelf speaker system as well as the Scansonic L6 centre and the Scansonic L8 subwoofer.

Additions to the Scansonic L Series – Scansonic L On-wall, Scansonic L7 and Scansonic L14

On closer inspection, the three new models fit very well into the existing range, because the Scansonic L On-wall rounds off the range with a particularly flexible speaker, the Scansonic L7 with a larger shelf speaker, and the Scansonic L14 with another floorstanding speaker.

Scansonic L On-wall – The Versatile One

The new Scansonic L On-wall is particularly flexible, because it addresses both hi-fi enthusiasts and home cinema users and provides them with a versatile, compact yet powerful speaker in the form of a two-way bass reflex system.

The manufacturer recommends the Scansonic L On-wall in the stereo environment primarily for 2.1-channel solutions, i.e. in combination with a subwoofer, whereas it can be used in home cinema as a satellite for all channels – apart from the centre, of course.

Of course, the Scansonic L On-wall uses the same core technology as all the other solutions in the product line, so it is optimally matched for use in conjunction with other speakers in the Scansonic L Series.

Designed as a two-way bass reflex system, a 25 mm soft dome tweeter and a 4.5 inch low midrange driver with Kevlar cone are used, so that a frequency range between 55 Hz and 20 kHz can be reproduced, whereby the crossover starts at 3 kHz and is designed as a 2nd order filter. The impedance is given as 8 ohms, the efficiency as 88 dB, and the manufacturer recommends the use of amplifiers with a power between 10 and 120 watts.

The Scansonic L On-wall measures no more than 210 x 320 x 101 mm and weighs 3.35 kg. The device required for mounting is implemented directly on the back of the speaker.

Scansonic L7 – The large compact speaker

Scansonic HD promotes the Scansonic L7 as a powerful compact speaker at a particularly attractive price, which is supposed to offer a very deep bass and crisp, clean highs. This is ensured by the design as a two-way bass reflex system and the combination of a 25 mm soft dome tweeter and a 6.5 inch woofer with paper sandwich cone. According to the manufacturer, the bass reflex port is located at the rear and the frequency range for this speaker system is between 45 Hz and 20 kHz. The crossover starts at 2.2 kHz and is designed as a 2nd order filter.

With an impedance of 8 ohms and an efficiency of 89 dB, the Scansonic L7 is designed for amplifiers with a power between 30 and 150 watts.

With dimensions of 210 x 360 x 295, this loudspeaker system weighs 7.8 kg per unit.

Scansonic L14 – The larger floorstanding speaker

Scansonic HD also promises a particularly attractive price-performance ratio for the Scansonic L14. They speak of a solution that spoils the user with a very special sound experience with deep, rich bass and at the same time sovereign performance in the mid-range and clear treble.

To achieve this, this two-and-a-half-way system uses two 6.5-inch woofers with a special paper cone material, which, according to the manufacturer, offers optimum rigidity and damping. A 25 mm soft dome tweeter is also responsible for the upper frequency range, with a clear, organic sound.

The bass reflex system of this floorstanding loudspeaker system is directed to the rear, so that the Scansonic L14 should be allowed a little “air” to develop optimally.

Nevertheless, with dimensions of 210 x 1,000 x 295 mm, this loudspeaker system also fits easily into a living room and covers a frequency range between 38 Hz and 20 kHz, whereby the crossovers in the form of 2nd order filters start at 1 kHz and 2.5 kHz respectively. The impedance is 8 ohms, the sensitivity 90 dB, and the manufacturer specifies a range between 50 and 200 watts as the recommended power of the amplifier.

Available in three design variants

Like the entire Scansonic L Series, the new models are of course available in three different designs. The customer can choose between silk matt white, silk matt black and walnut.

Prices and availability

The new models of the Scansonic L Series should be available in specialist shops within the next few days. The manufacturer quotes a pair price of € 450,- for the Scansonic L On-wall, the Scansonic L7 is to cost € 690,- per pair and the Scansonic L14 € 1.690,- again for a pair.

Getting to the point

To make the Scansonic L Series even broader than it already was, Dantax Radio A/S is launching three new Scansonic HD solutions: the Scansonic L On-wall, Scansonic L7 and Scansonic L14. The On-wall speaker in particular is intended to be a multi-purpose speaker system, while the Scansonic L7 is a powerful bookshelf speaker and the Scansonic L14 is a particularly powerful floorstanding speaker.

PriceScansonic L On-wall € 450,-
Scansonic L7 € 690,-
Scansonic L14 € 1.690,-
ManufacturerDantax Radio A/S
DistributionDantax Radio A/S
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