Roon 1.8 Build 763 available

Once again, an update is now available that should solve a multitude of problems that occurred with the last major release Roon 1.8. Roon 1.8 Build 763 can be downloaded now.

Roon 1.8 was planned as a major update, Roon Labs LLC. even spoke of probably the most extensive update in the company’s history. And indeed, Roon 1.8 continued where Roon Labs LLC. had made a fundamental improvement with Roon 1.7, namely with regard to the way audio data is managed, linked and presented to the user in the best possible way.

While Roon Labs LLC. introduced the so-called Roon Valence Technology with Roon 1.7, which was described as “intelligence” in the background, Roon 1.8 focused on the really far-reaching redesign of the interface based on this cloud-based technology.

Yes, one can say that Roon 1.8 presented itself completely new, partly serious changes were made, correspondingly controversial were the discussions after the release of the latest version at the beginning of February 2021.

The consistently positive feedback from users was unfortunately marred by numerous errors that Roon 1.8 had at its market launch as Roon 1.8 Build 748. However, only two days later Roon Labs LLC. released a first update, Roon 1.8 Build 756, which at least fixed the most serious mistakes that were obviously overlooked in the beta test. And now, also only a few days later, another update is available. From now on you can download Roon 1.8 Build 763.

And the team of Roon Labs LLC. has actually used the few days to evaluate all the feedback and support tickets that came in about Roon 1.8 and to eliminate one bug after the other. Fortunately, they also addressed any inconsistencies that some users felt arose in the new design. So Roon 1.8 Build 763 is really a very, very comprehensive service release.

“We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received from thousands of users, and we have also carefully read all the suggestions on how we can improve Roon in the future.

Extensive design changes to an application like Roon can be extremely complex, and our design team and developers have spent countless hours making sure that the changes do not affect any critical features or compromise the music that makes up users’ media libraries.

We know that in some cases these changes have affected the way some users interact with Roon, and we have carefully gone through all the comments and suggestions and designed and implemented changes based on everyone’s feedback.

Our Customer Success team has also spent many hours gathering information about bugs and working with our QA team to resolve issues. Today, we’re excited to release a series of fixes and improvements based on what we’ve heard from Roon users over the past two weeks.”

Roon Labs LLC.

Here is the list of new features or improvements Roon Labs LLC. made with Roon 1.8 Build 763:

  • Fixed missing audio zones in some conditions
  • Add/Remove Tag functionality restored
  • Playlist and Tag links available on Album screen (enable on Settings > General)
  • Shuffle playback in browsers selects from your entire library
  • New “Customize Album Display” options:
    • Star rating
    • MQA badge
    • Album display settings now used across the app including TIDAL, Qobuz, Genre pages, etc
  • ‘Export’ option restored to Playlists when applicable
  • Focus: fixed some cases where ‘View More’ wouldn’t be shown
  • Updated treatment of ‘In library’ button on Search results
  • Bigger “hit areas” for touch:
    • Queue button in footer
    • Scrollbars on iOS
    • Playlist item drag handles
  • Now Playing:
    • Fixed spacing and layout of Star rating and streaming services badges
    • Removed UI artifact when Now Playing is empty on mobile
  • Album screen includes clearer treatment when navigating to “focused” track list from Credits tab
  • Fixed icon alignment for tracks on many screens
  • Fixed overlapping scrollbars in some dialogs
  • Fixed failure to load content after clicking link in reviews and bios
  • Fixed crash opening artist browser when malformed unicode is present
  • Fixed a bug where different ‘Member of’ links would redirect to the same person
  • Fixed absence of hamburger menu on large-format tablets
  • Updated treatment for tags on Composition screen
  • Fixed issue with multiple external source controls on Volume popup

Finally, Roon Labs LLC. explains that this service release is not the end of the story. They know that one or the other improvement is still needed. They are also closely following the feedback, especially in their own forum, in order to take into account as much customer feedback as possible and to be able to make further optimisations if necessary.

Getting to the point

As critical as we were with the release of Roon 1.8 at the beginning of February 2021, we now want to praise the quick reaction of the team of Roon Labs LLC. to the various problems. Now the second service release is already available, whereby this one is much more extensive than the one that was available with Roon 1.8 Build 756 only two days after the major release Roon 1.8 Build 748. Roon 1.8 Build 763 should actually solve almost all problems, and it already contains many suggestions from customers, which should lead to further optimisation of the new interface.

Manufacturer:Roon Labs LLC.
Distribution:Roon Labs LLC.
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