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Rega Nd5 Moving Magnet Cartridge – New in the Rega Nd Range

The development of the new Rega Nd5 Moving Magnet Cartridge took over ten years, according to the English specialist Rega Research Limited, which is now presenting the second cartridge system in the new Rega ND range.

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  • Rega Research Limited promises a new dimension in record playback via an MM cartridge system with the Rega Nd5 Moving Magnet Cartridge.

The British HiFi manufacturer Rega Research Limited presented the new Rega Nd Range for the first time at the High-end 2024, a product line of cartridge systems that was founded with the Rega Nd3 Moving Magnet Cartridge. Now, just a few weeks after the trade fair in Munich, Rega Research Limited is announcing the second solution in this new product range, which is once again an MM cartridge system.

With the new Rega Nd5 Moving Magnet Cartridge, the English company is now offering a cartridge system alongside the Rega Nd3 Moving Magnet Cartridge that can also boast an outstanding price-performance ratio, as it is based on completely newly developed technologies.

Ten years in development – a new chapter in MM cartridge systems

It is remarkable that Rega Research Limited says that the solutions in the new Rega Nd Range are the result of ten years of development, although of course this does not mean the products themselves, but rather the technologies on which they are based.

The company is certain that the new Rega Nd Range opens up a completely new chapter in MM pickup systems, offering solutions that set new standards.

Particularly powerful generator

The company is particularly convinced that the solutions in the Rega ND range are the first MM pickup systems in the world to rely on ultra-high-powered neodymium magnets, as it describes itself. This is also known as Rega ND Magnet Technology, for which a patent application has been filed.

The developers also relied on a completely newly designed generator geometry which, according to Rega Research Limited, ensures perfect symmetry and therefore an outstanding channel balance.

The new Rega Nd5 Moving Magnet Cartridge also has an optimised pole spacing for outstanding linearity and equally outstanding crosstalk behaviour.

Another key feature of this cartridge is the use of particularly small parallel coils, which are wound in-house by Rega Research Limited from wire with a 38 μm cross-section and only 1.275 turns.

This results in a generator with low inductance and impedance, which should enable significantly improved imaging up to the highest frequencies.

Glass-filled PPS body

The new Rega Nd5 Moving Magnet Cartridge uses a stylus with Elliptical Nude Diamond and is packaged in a so-called glass-filled PPS body, which is modelled on the housings of MC pickup systems.

It should be explicitly emphasised that this pickup is manufactured exclusively by hand directly in the Rega Research Limited factory and always guarantees the highest precision and thus ultimately a particularly accurate performance.

Prices and availability

The new Rega Nd5 Moving Magnet Cartridge cartridge system is available individually, but according to the English company, it is primarily intended to be used directly ex works on Rega Research Limited turntables such as the Rega Planar 3 or Rega Planar 6. The price for this cartridge system is GBP 295,-.

Getting to the point

Rega Research Limited presented the new Rega Nd Range for the first time at the High-end 2024 in Munich, a product line of pickup systems that, according to the English company, sets completely new standards. According to the company, the development process took ten years and it is now possible to offer completely new technologies, and the new Rega Nd5 Moving Magnet Cartridge is already the second model in this product line. The fact that this is a solution that should be able to completely fulfil even the highest demands is demonstrated by the fact that the English company developed this new MM cartridge system explicitly for turntables of the calibre of a Rega Planar 3 or even Rega Planar 6.

PRODUCTRega Nd5 Moving Magnet Cartridge
PriceGBP 295,-
ManufacturerRega Research Limited
Distribution AustriaAudiovertrieb by HZ Electronics
Distribution GermanyTAD-Audiovertrieb GmbH
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