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Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor – High-end in the most compact form

Admittedly, the name is likely to raise a smile on many a face, and indeed Raidho Acoustics aims to bring a smile to the user's face with the new Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor, with its richly detailed, energy-filled performance, all within the most compact dimensions.

Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor is the name Dantax Radio A/S has given to the new offspring of the Raidho Acoustics brand, which succeeds the new Raidho X1 Super Mini Monitor and is intended to prove once again that high-performance loudspeaker systems can also be realised in the most compact form, provided that the right technologies and corresponding expertise can be trusted in their use.

Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor – As much performance as possible

The biggest challenge in developing the new Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor was to outperform its predecessor, the classic Raidho X1 Super Mini Monitor, says the Pandrup, Denmark-based company.

Once again, this new loudspeaker system should convince with a reproduction that is free of sound colouration, while delivering an almost dramatic, energetic image with a very wide sound stage and enormous detail, and still guarantee fatigue-free listening even over hours.

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Foto © Dantax Radio A/S | Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor

Planar Magnetic Tweeter for highest detail imaging

Once again, the focus is on a so-called Planar Magnetic Tweeter, which has long since become a characteristic feature of Raidho Acoustics’ solutions.

The foil that forms the basis for this driver and into which the conductive tracks are incorporated is only 11 µm thick and, despite its comparatively large surface area, weighs no more than 20 mg, making it many times lighter than conventional designs. Combined with powerful magnets, it allows for much more accurate imaging over a wide frequency range, with a clear, natural performance free of distortion.

Ceramic, tantalum-coated woofers

A second key feature of the new Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor is its bass driver, which is also the basis for the “t” in the new model’s name.

The driver is a 5.25 inch woofer with a membrane made of aluminium and a ceramic coating applied in a plasma process. This is where the metal tantalum comes into play, which has a particularly high resistance to heat and wear, making the membrane even stiffer and harder than would normally be achieved with an aluminium oxide ceramic coating alone.

In combination with a particularly sophisticated, powerful drive unit based on neodymium magnets, the new Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor is able to deliver a performance of the highest level despite its very, very compact dimensions, the Danish manufacturer is convinced.

Improved crossover

Compared to its predecessor, the Raidho X1 Super Mini Monitor, the new Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor features an even more refined crossover, which starts at 3.5 kHz and is designed to provide an even more open sound with high-quality components.

Two-way bass reflex system

Finally, the Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor is once again a two-way bass reflex system, whereby in this case the flow-optimised bass reflex port is led out to the front. The corresponding opening at the bottom of the baffle is even a quite striking detail of the design concept of the new Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor.

Technical specifications

The new Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor is said to be capable of reproducing a frequency range between 70 Hz and 50 kHz, which is all the more astonishing since it is a loudspeaker system that is no larger than 320 mm in height, 145 mm in width, and 230 mm in depth. For the sake of completeness, it weighs in at an impressive 8 kg.

The impedance of the Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor is 6 ohms and the sensitivity is said to be 85 dB. The manufacturer recommends a power of at least 50 watts for this loudspeaker system, which, according to Dantax Radio A/S, does not exclude tube amplifiers with a power range below that.

Prices and availability

The new Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor celebrated its premiere at the High End 2022 in Munich and should be available in specialist shops soon. The user can choose between a version in piano black and piano white lacquer, and in both cases must allow for a non-binding recommended retail price of € 5,800.

Getting to the point

Once again, one should not be misled by the latest generation of this extremely compact two-way bass reflex system of the Raidho Acoustics brand, according to the promise of the Danish loudspeaker specialist Dantax Radio A/S, because the successor of the Raidho X1 Super Mini Monitor, in the form of the new Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor, should clearly be able to prove that a sovereign performance at reference level is not a question of size alone.

Price€ 5.800,-
ManufacturerDantax Radio A/S
DistributionAudiophil GbR
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