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Raidho TD6 – A statement from Denmark

It is a loudspeaker system that can be seen as a statement, a statement of the high level to which a reference-class loudspeaker system, developed with sophisticated technologies and based on many years of expertise, can perform today. This is how Dantax Radio A/S describes the new Raidho TD6 from the Raidho Acoustics brand.

Raidho TD6, this loudspeaker system presented at the High End 2022, is to be understood as nothing less than a statement, this is what the Danish loudspeaker specialist Dantax Radio A/S promises. They have designed a solution that, like no other, comes as close as possible to the performance of live music, which ultimately implements and embodies the vision that the high-end loudspeaker specialist from Pandrup, Denmark, is pursuing with the Raidho Acoustics brand, without compromises. The new Raidho TD6 is based on the Raidho D5 and Raidho D5.1 solutions and even looks very similar to them, but the latest speaker system is said to be a completely new development.

Dantax Radio A/S – A company with a long history

When Dantax Radio A/S talks about the new Raidho TD6 as a loudspeaker that is to be understood as a statement, this has a high significance, because the company can already refer to a very long history full of many an outstanding loudspeaker system.

Dantax A/S was founded in 1972 and developed loudspeaker systems as well as other consumer electronics products under this name for many years. In the years 1977 to 1980, Dantax A/S even belonged to the proven specialist Scanspeak, to name just one detail of the eventful history.

Today, Dantax A/S is one of Denmark’s leading high-end loudspeaker specialists and has three brands. Besides Raidho Acoustics, Scansonic and GamuT Audio also belong to the listed company Dantax Radio A/S from Pandrup.

Similarities with the Raidho D5 and Raidho D5.1 models

As we have already mentioned, the new Raidho TD6 bears a certain resemblance to the Raidho D5 and Raidho D5.2, as the manufacturer himself explicitly points out. However, it is also expressly emphasised that the Raidho TD6 is a completely new development, only parts of the optical appearance are supposed to resemble the predecessor models.

The DNA of Raidho Acoustics

The new Raidho TD6 loudspeaker system embodies the DNA of Raidho Acoustics, and the Danish company emphasises this in particular. The new loudspeaker system is said to offer a speaker system of the very highest standard, with extremely low colouration, an energetic performance with a very wide soundstage, an enormous variety of detail and thus an almost holographic imaging. Equally important is the fact that listening with this loudspeaker system is completely fatigue-free and thus relaxing, even over many hours at higher levels. In short, the new Raidho TD6 should guarantee a very authentic reproduction as close as possible to the original.

Planar Magnetic Tweeter

Once again, the developers of the new Raidho TD6 use a so-called Planar Magnetic Tweeter, a ribbon tweeter whose special design principle guarantees an enormously powerful, detailed and clear reproduction over a very wide frequency range.

The magnet system used in this ribbon driver is said to be particularly powerful, and the foil used has a very low thickness of only 11 µm and thus, despite its generous surface area, a very low weight of only 20 mg. The manufacturer promises that there will be no sound-damaging resonances or distortions whatsoever.

Tantalum Diamond mid-range and woofer drivers with 1.5 carats

The mid-range drivers and bass drivers used in the new Raidho TD6 have been designed with great effort and attention to detail, using so-called Raidho Tantalum Diamond drivers.

The core of the diaphragm is a sandwich construction consisting of five layers: an aluminium cone, ceramic, tantalum and diamond on the front and back. Each material, with its individual properties of strength, stiffness and damping, is supposed to result in an optimal whole. The manufacturer speaks of a revolutionary, unique concept, not only because of the use of no less than 1.5 carats of diamond with a thickness of 10 µm on each drive unit, whereby this special construction was developed together with the Danmarks Tekniske Institut.

The diaphragm is actually manufactured at this institute, which has the necessary equipment to apply the particles of tantalum and diamond coating to the aluminium diaphragm as the base material under argon gas at the speed of light.

Raidho Acoustics is the only manufacturer worldwide to use such a technology, which reduces resonances by 36 dB compared to membranes with a pure ceramic coating and is 50 times stiffer than the latter.

In order to achieve a sovereign dynamic reproduction based on this special diaphragm, the drive unit of the drivers is of course also equipped with a particularly sophisticated design. Particularly powerful N52 neodymium magnets form the basis for an even magnetic field, in which a titanium voice coil moves with a particularly narrow tolerance, thus ensuring perfect transient response without measurable distortion.

The entire construction of the drivers is flow-optimised and thus almost resembles a turbine shape. Edges are rounded to prevent reflections and are also features that are important for a constantly controlled operation.

Finely constructed crossover

The manufacturer even calls the crossover a work of art, because it uses only components of the highest quality from renowned specialists and has a sophisticated design that is optimised in all aspects.

The majority of the components, for example, come from Mundorf and are mounted directly on a solid PVC plate. The signal paths are realised by means of direct wiring, whereby these cables come from Nordost and are realised in the form of Nordost Norse cables with Nordost Valhalla Technology. If desired, an upgrade to TSC from Odin is possible.

Foto © Dantax Radio A/S | Raidho TD6 Reference Speaker
Foto © Dantax Radio A/S | Raidho TD6 Reference Speaker

Technical key data

Actually, in view of the attention to detail of the new Raidho TD6, it sounds almost banal to speak of a three-way bass reflex floorstanding loudspeaker system that uses a ribbon tweeter, two 5.25 inch Tantalum Diamond midrange drivers and six 8 inch Tantalum Diamond woofer drivers as well as a rear-firing bass reflex system, but this is exactly how this new reference-class loudspeaker system is ultimately constructed from a purely technical point of view.

According to the data sheet, a frequency range between 25 Hz and 50 kHz can be reproduced, whereby the crossover starts at 350 Hz and 3 kHz and is designed as a second-order filter. The sensitivity is 87 dB and the impedance 8 ohms. The manufacturer recommends that the Raidho TD6 be equipped with electronics capable of delivering at least 100 watts, preferably considerably more.

The body of the new Raidho TD6 alone measures 1,950 mm in height, 250 mm in width and no less than 700 mm in depth. Add to this the elegant stand and you end up with 2,085 mm in height, 250 mm in width and 835 mm in depth.

If you are considering buying this speaker system, you should take into account that it weighs a considerable 175 kg.

Prices and availability

Since this is a loudspeaker system from a proven high-end specialist, which is also to be understood as a statement, it is probably already clear that one should have a few euros on the high side for this. The manufacturer quotes a starting price of € 210.000,- for this loudspeaker system, but offers it not only in black piano lacquer and walnut/rootwood veneer, but in any lacquer finish the customer wishes.

Getting to the point

Loudspeaker systems like the new Raidho TD6 are clearly to be understood as a kind of example of what is technically possible. In other words, solutions that defy all conventional comparison and are simply intended to demonstrate what state-of-the-art technologies and years of expertise are capable of. The potential clientele for such products is of course hand-picked, and the manufacturer Dantax Radio A/S is well aware of this. With this product of the Raidho Acoustics brand, they simply want to make a clear statement about the high level of loudspeaker production today. A state-of-the-art loudspeaker…

Priceab € 210.000,-
ManufacturerDantax Radio A/S
DistributionAudiophil GbR
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