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HEOS app and firmware
HEOS app and firmware

New HEOS app and firmware update for Denon Home Series

As of June 25, 2020, a new firmware update will be released for all Denon Home Multiroom speaker systems, according to Sound United LLC. The update will provide even more convenient operation directly via the Denon Home Touch Panel as well as a new bass EQ function. The new version of the HEOS app can now also be downloaded.

Denon Home Series is the name of the product line that Sound United LLC. offers as a particularly flexible and at the same time extremely high-quality streaming solution, speaking of premium wireless speakers that rely on the HEOS Built-in technology platform. This technology platform has already been used for some time in various solutions of the company Sound United LLC., namely for the brands Denon and Marantz, and for a long time also in the form of various HEOS brand systems, which are no longer available in this form. HEOS as an independent brand has been abandoned, instead HEOS Built-in is to be promoted as a technology platform alone. The independent products are now to be found under the Denon brand in a new form, such as the Denon Home Series.

A new firmware update is now available for the Denon Home Series, which the manufacturer describes as very comprehensive. This is intended to make the wireless speakers even more convenient to use, and the sound reproduction in the room can now be improved by a new speaker placement optimization.

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  • Denon Home Series Firmware Update June 2020 02
  • Denon Home Series Firmware Update June 2020 03
  • Denon Home Series Firmware Update June 2020 04

The speakers of the Denon Home Series, for example, have several buttons directly on the top of the speakers, designed as a sensor keypad. These buttons can be used to control important operating processes, especially the volume, but also to start or pause playback. With the latest firmware update it is now possible to skip music titles directly via the Wireless Speaker without having to start the app on a smartphone first.

When music is playing and users press “Play/Pause”, the current track is paused. Tap “Play/Pause” twice to skip to the next song, three times to skip to the previous or beginning of the current track.

The probably more profound innovation, however, concerns, as already mentioned, the direct influencing of the sound characteristics for an optimal playback depending on the setup.

Denon can therefore claim to have wireless speakers in its range with the Denon Home Series solutions, which all boast astonishingly rich, full reproduction, even though they are comparatively very compact solutions. This is achieved on the one hand by specially developed drivers, but also by DSP-based signal processing, which guarantees optimum control.

The rich sound is of course ideal when the speakers are positioned freely in the room, as this is where they can reach their full potential. However, if they are placed close to the wall, or even on a shelf or in other furniture, the bass reproduction may appear too dominant. Although the Denon Home Series already offers the possibility of sound control with treble and bass control, this room acoustic effect of the overemphasized bass can only be compensated for to a limited extent, so that it was decided to implement an additional loudspeaker optimization function with the latest firmware update. Here the user can use the HEOS app to determine whether the speaker should be placed free-standing in the room, near a wall, on a shelf or even in a corner. The DSP-based signal processing then adjusts the playback accordingly.

Of course, the update assumes that the Denon Home Series is connected to the network, but in this case this should be a matter of course anyway. If you start the HEOS app, you will be informed about the update and can do it. If the option “Automatic Update” is activated in the settings, the update should already be installed on the device.

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A new firmware update is now available for the Denon Home Series, which the manufacturer describes as very comprehensive. The wireless speakers can now be operated even more conveniently, and the sound reproduction in the room can now be improved by a new speaker placement optimization.

Manufacturer:Sound United LLC.
Distribution:Denon Deutschland – A Division of Sound United
Price:Denon Home 150 € 249,-
Denon Home 250 € 499,-
Denon Home 350 € 699,-

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