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Monitor Audio Creator Series - Custom Installation Redefined

The new Monitor Audio Creator Series, which Monitor Audio Ltd. is presenting as a solution that redefines the custom install sector, will feature advanced technologies and intelligent functions, according to the company's presentation at ISE 2023.

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  • Monitior Audio Ltd. is convinced that the new Monitor Audio Creator Series is a speaker series that redefines the category of custom install.

In the opinion of the English loudspeaker specialist Monitor Audio Ltd., it is a multitude of features that make the new Monitor Audio Creator Series a very exceptional product line in the field of custom installation, even redefining this market segment, as was expressly emphasised on the occasion of the presentation in Barcelona in the course of ISE 2023. The company is pursuing a new approach that delivers high-quality sound and clarity with an extensive, clearly defined range of high-performance wall and ceiling speakers and thus sets new standards.

After all, no less than 19 models are available in the new Monitor Audio Creator Series, 14 for ceiling installation, five for wall installation, and all are divided into three clearly defined levels, each with a higher level of performance and additional features compared to the previous level. This makes it particularly easy for installation experts to plan their projects.

Monitor Audio Partner Programme provides basis for development

Monitor Audio Ltd. explicitly states that the new Monitor Audio Creator Series was designed based on feedback from the Monitor Audio Partner Programme. Experts with extensive practical experience thus played a decisive role in designing the new product line with a clearer range of products and accessories that guarantee a clear classification of the different quality levels.

Reduced to the essentials and optimised technologies, designations, application possibilities and solutions make the entire process of product selection easier for the installer, Monitor Audio Ltd. is convinced of this.

Sound, technology and design in perfect harmony

It is quite astonishing that companies like Monitor Audio Ltd. have long been talking about solutions in which sound, technology and design are supposed to harmonise perfectly. Long gone are the days when wall and ceiling speakers were a kind of emergency solution for discreet sound reinforcement; today, such solutions often play on the same high level as regular speaker systems in the stereo or home cinema sector. And this also applies to the new Monitor Audio Creator Series.

The new Monitor Audio Creator Series is based on technologies that the company traditionally uses in its hi-fi loudspeaker systems.

It is particularly important to emphasise that the new Monitor Audio Creator Series, despite its compact dimensions, has comparatively generously dimensioned drivers. The manufacturer points out that, compared to previous models, drivers with a diameter of 7 inches instead of 6.5 inches and 9 inches instead of 8 inches are now used.

Monitor Audio Creator Series Stage 1

The Monitor Audio Creator Series Level 1 in-wall and in-ceiling speakers use two-way systems and new Monitor Audio C-CAM low-mid drivers and Monitor Audio C-CAM tweeter with Uniform Dispersion Waveguide I. This quality level is said to be designed so that the drivers have a diameter of 7 inches instead of 9 inches.

This quality level is designed to create installations with solid acoustic performance at a particularly attractive price.

Monitor Audio Creator Series Level 2

The new Monitor Audio Creator Series Level 2 solutions also rely on two-way systems, but use Monitor Audio RST II low-mid drivers, such as those found in the Monitor Audio Silver 7G Series. These are combined with Monitor Audio C-CAM tweeter with Uniform Dispersion Waveguide II.

The Stage 2 models therefore focus more on the sound, which is also underlined by a significantly higher flexibility in speaker positioning through functions such as boundary correction and tweeter reduction or amplification. There are also models designed specifically for home cinema use.

Monitor Audio Creator Series Level 3

The models of the Monitor Audio Creator Series in the third and thus highest quality level are supposed to convince as three-way systems with features such as Monitor Audio RDT III woofers, derived from the Monitor Audio Platinum 3G Series, a new Inverted Dual Concentric II coaxial driver arrangement for the midrange and treble range with larger voice coils and Uniform Dispersion Waveguide II.

Level 3 offers solutions that can be integrated inconspicuously into the room, but at the same time are powerful and rich in detail, thus fulfilling true hi-fi demands.

Here, too, the focus is on solutions for use in home cinema, so that one finds products that are ideal for a so-called LCR configuration (Left Channel, Center Channel, Right Channel).

Solutions based on the THX Ultra certified technology of the Monitor Audio Cinergy Series are also available here. These use Monitor Audio RST II midrange drivers and a Monitor Audio MPD II tweeter placed between two Monitor Audio RDT III woofers.

Easy mounting with new Tri-Grip II and Quik-Link terminal

Another key feature of the new Monitor Audio Creator Series is its ease of installation, citing the so-called Tri-Grip II, which is a further development of the Dogleg mechanism. Tri-Grip II is much more stable and reliable than all previous solutions, making it easier to insert and remove the speakers.

Another important point is the patent-pending Quik-Link terminal, which is also supposed to facilitate and speed up the installation immensely. Quik-Link allows the installer to remove the cable terminal from the speaker and connect the speaker cables to it. Once the speaker is mounted in its cut-out, the Quik-Link can be brought up to the speaker’s connection point and then magnetically snaps into place.

Prices and availability

The models of the new Monitor Audio Creator Series should be available to retailers from summer 2023. The prices for the 19 models can be found in the table below.

Getting to the point

The new Monitor Audio Creator Series offers the perfect balance between design and technology, providing solutions that are particularly easy to integrate into any living environment as in-ceiling and in-wall speakers and, due to the immensely wide range of products, also particularly flexible, and that offer an appealing or even fine sound and are characterised by a particularly attractive price-performance ratio. For the custom installation expert, Monitor Audio Ltd. also relies on a clearly comprehensible graduation into three quality levels with this new product line for a particularly simple realisation of various projects.

PriceCreator Series C1S Recessed Ceiling Small € 349,-
Creator Series C1M Recessed Ceiling Medium € 419,-
Creator Series C1L Recessed Ceiling Large € 499,-
Creator series C2S recessed ceiling small € 499,-
Creator series C2M recessed ceiling medium € 549,-
Creator Series C2L Recessed Ceiling Large € 619,-
Creator Series C2M-CP Medium Recessed Ceiling € 619,-
Creator Series C2L-CP Recessed Ceiling Large € 699,-
Creator series C2M-T2X Medium recessed ceiling € 499,-
Creator Series C2L-T2X Recessed Ceiling Large € 549,-
Creator Series C3M Recessed Ceiling Large € 899,-
Creator Series C3L Recessed Ceiling Large € 1.049,-
Creator Series C3L-A Recessed Ceiling Large € 1.319,-
Creator Series C3L-CP Recessed Ceiling Large € 1.199,-
Creator series W1M-E Medium recessed wall € 399,-
Creator series W1M Medium recessed wall € 549,-
Creator series W2M Medium recessed wall € 799,-
Creator series W2M-CP Medium recessed wall € 1.099,-
Creator series W3M Medium recessed wall € 1.399,-
ManufacturerMonitor Audio Ltd.
Distribution GermanyPannes Vertriebs KG
Distribution Switzerlandcebrands.ch
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