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Métronome Technologie and Kalista rely on TIDAL Connect

The French High-end HiFi manufacturer Métronome Technologie can now announce that all of its own streaming systems support TIDAL via TIDAL Connect. This also applies to the solutions from sister brand Kalista.

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  • All Métronome Technologie and Kalista streaming systems will now support TIDAL via TIDAL Connect.

The French company Métronome Technologie has been a proven digital specialist for years. As a result, in addition to D/A converters, streaming systems naturally play a very essential role for the company from Montans in the Département Tarn. As with all streaming solutions, it is immensely important to offer the broadest possible support for a wide range of streaming services, and this is exactly where Métronome Technologie comes in once again by now supporting TIDAL directly via TIDAL Connect.

As if that wasn’t enough, Métronome Technologie has of course also thought about equipping the streaming solutions of its sister brand Kalista accordingly, which now also support TIDAL via TIDAL Connect.

TIDAL Connect – direct use via the TIDAL app

TIDAL is still regarded as one of the leading streaming services, especially among users who value content beyond lossy compression. Of course, the TIDAL app is the easiest way to access TIDAL’s offering. And this app offers a very special function with TIDAL Connect.

TIDAL Connect makes it possible to play content from TIDAL on certified devices directly via the TIDAL app, so no additional app specially designed for the respective streaming system is required. Appropriately certified devices are displayed in the TIDAL app as available playback devices and can be selected directly.

TIDAL Connect now also available on Métronome Technologie and Kalista

The systems that support TIDAL Connect now also include the systems from Métronome Technologie and Kalista. Métronome Technologie includes the solutions of the Métronome Digital Sharing Range, as well as the streaming solutions of the Métronome AQWO Range and Métronome Classica Range. At Kalista, it is above all the Kalista DreamPlay X of the Kalista DreamPlay Series.

Prices and availability

The new TIDAL Connect function is of course available free of charge to all users of a corresponding streaming solution from Métronome Technologie or Kalista. However,a this is based on a paid subscription to TIDAL, but this goes without saying anyway.

Getting to the point

We are pleased that Métronome Technologie is now equipping its streaming systems with another option that makes it particularly easy to use a wide range of content, namely TIDAL Connect from the leading streaming provider TIDAL. The same naturally also applies to the streaming solutions from sister brand Kalista, which now also support TIDAL directly via TIDAL Connect.

THEMEMétronome Technologie and Kalista rely on TIDAL Connect
Métronome Technologie
ManufacturerMetronome Technologie
Distribution AustriaAudio Exclusive GmbH
Distribution GermanyH.E.A.R. GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandPortier Hi-Fi
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