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Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II – Next level Streaming

Once again, the topic of streaming has been raised to a new level, Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH is convinced around the announcement of the new Lindemann NETWORK II and thus the new generation of the streaming client of the Lindemann Limetree Series.

Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II, the latest generation of the streaming client of the Lindemann Limetree Series is now available. According to the German high-end hi-fi manufacturer Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH, the Lindemann Limetree NETWORK has been revised in every respect.

The update follows those that have already been carried out with other components of the Lindemann Limetree Series, the Lindemann Limetree PHONO II and the Lindemann Limetree BRIDGE II.

The concept of the Lindemann Limetree Series

For Norbert Lindemann, founder and mastermind of Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH, there is nothing that is not just enough to be improved upon. This, of course, also applies to the Lindemann Limetree Series product line.

The Lindemann Limetree Series is made up of solutions that are intended to be small, flexible tools, with each product being assigned a specific task. Each product is assigned a specific task, which it should be able to fulfil with flying colours, while at the same time providing a solution that can be offered at a particularly attractive price.

The Lindemann Limetree NETWORK has been given an essential role in this, since it is supposed to be a streaming client with a particularly versatile use, even if it is focused solely on streaming.

Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II – Streaming on a new level

The concept of the new Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II was, of course, based on the concept of the first generation, but the company also reacted to customer feedback and feedback from the specialist trade, and took the opportunity to implement the latest technologies.

The latest hardware is used, as is the case with the new version of the Lindemann Limetree BRIDGE II, which was announced at the same time. The BRIDGE II is considered the little sister of the Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II, but in contrast to the latter, it is designed solely as a so-called streaming bridge.

User-friendliness and sound

Probably the most striking innovation concerns the converter, where an ESS ES9038 Sabre DAC is now used. The ESS ES9038 Hyperstream DAC, which has an internal resampling option based on DPLL and SRC that converts all data into a new, completely jitter-free stream, is said to be crucial for the quality of the signal processing. The reproduction is thus bit-precise, whereby the concept of the new Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II is very similar to that of its predecessor, although it now has to do without the possible resampling to DSD.

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  • Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II 06
  • Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II 05
  • Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II 04
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  • Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II 02

The signal conversion is based on a MEMS femto clock with a clock jitter of less than 500 fs. This results in an extremely stable clock with extremely low phase noise for the best sound results.

With the help of the associated app, the Lindemann App for Apple iOS and Google Android, the user can choose from seven different oversampling filters.

Integrated preamplifier

Another new feature is the integrated preamplifier, which is said to have a number of special features.

First of all, there is the particularly elaborately designed control of the volume with an extremely low noise level. The HF intermodulation of the transducer module is attenuated here together with the volume, so that the full resolution is fully preserved even at low levels. A balance control is also available, in 1 dB steps in the range of +/- 6 dB.

Analogue signals are output from the Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II via a pair of cinch connectors. Digital interfaces are not available here.

Headphone amplifier on board

A headphone amplifier is also available, which can be used simultaneously with the preamplifier. A separate volume control makes this possible. In order to allow an optimal adjustment to the different headphones, you can choose between 0 dB and +12 dB. In principle, this is an excellent sounding headphone amplifier with a high output current. It offers extremely low distortion, a high damping factor, and can easily drive headphones from 16 to 300 ohms.

Control via app and IR remote control

It is also interesting to note that the new Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II can be controlled via infrared remote control, namely the Lindemann IN CONTROL. This does not only apply to the simple control of the volume, but also to the playback, even to the playback of audio CDs, provided that a suitable USB drive is connected to the USB port of the Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II, but more on that in a moment.

Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II as a universal streamer

The Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II is a high-quality streamer that delivers music from streaming services as well as local storage media in studio master quality.

The Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II is simply connected to the network by cable or via an IEEE 802.11ac WiFi module, and can then access corresponding content on the network via UPnP. It is, this detail should be mentioned, dlna-certified.

It is also possible to access various streaming services, such as TIDAL, Spotify including Spotify Connect, Deezer, Qobuz and HRA Streaming from HIGHRESAUDIO via the appropriate app in the form of the Lindemann App for Apple iOS and Google Android. Internet radio and podcasts are also directly available. Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH promises that it is already working on support for TIDAL Connect.

Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II is Roon Ready

In addition, the Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II is of course also classified as Roon Ready, which means that it can be controlled directly via the media management and multi-room audio streaming software Roon from Roon Labs LLC, guaranteeing bit-perfect streaming.

USB as another option

USB is available as a further source; corresponding storage media can thus be used directly locally.

The USB port of the Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II offers a special feature, which we have already mentioned. You can connect a USB CD drive here. This turns the Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II into an audio CD player, so that audio CDs can be played directly.

Bluetooth must not be missing

If you want to quickly use a smartphone as a source without a network infrastructure, you can also do this. The Lindemann Limetree BRIDGE II has an integrated Bluetooth interface.

What else there is to say…

The Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II measures no more than 107 x 40 x 107 mm and thus weighs 300 g. The power supply is provided by an external plug.

Power is supplied via an external plug-in power supply unit, although this is supposed to be a particularly high-quality version. Nevertheless, a corresponding upgrade is of course possible at any time; after all, the selection of suitable options with 5 V DC is very large among the relevant suppliers.

The new Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II should be available within the next few days.

Getting to the point

While the “little” sister Lindemann Limetree BRIDGE II only has a handful of innovations in the current generation, the changes and improvements in the new Lindemann Limetree NETWORK II are much more serious. In fact, the German high-end hi-fi manufacturer has carried out an all-encompassing update.

Manufacturer:Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH
Distribution:Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH
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