TIDAL App for Apple Watch

TIDAL is now also available on the Apple Watch, according to the music streaming service. The content of the service is thus available in a particularly flexible way, if desired even without a smartphone.

TIDAL App for Apple Watch, providing another way to consume music in a particularly elegant option. TIDAL is thus once again continuing its efforts to make its offer accessible to users in as many different ways as possible.

In principle, every provider in the field of music streaming is concerned that customers can use the offer in a wide variety of solutions and thus in every situation in life. The more flexible the options are, the more intensively they are used and thus increase the attractiveness of a service.

TIDAL for Apple Watch – Online as well as offline

TIDAL App for Apple Watch is now supposed to offer the possibility to listen to music on the go in a particularly easy way. According to the company, the music can be accessed completely untethered and freely.

TIDAL App for Apple Watch Featured 02

TIDAL App for Apple Watch

A very important aspect here is that music can not only be streamed, but even listened to offline. This means that the user does not have to constantly use a connection via their smartphone.

Downloaded songs and playlists can be conveniently listened to without an Apple iPhone. The only requirement for this is Bluetooth headphones connected to the Apple Watch.

Only one of many possibilities

TIDAL explicitly points out that the new option via TIDAL App for Apple Watch is only one of many possibilities for using music via the service. In addition to the Apple Watch, TIDAL is also available via the Samsung Gear and a variety of smart TVs, home audio players and more. A constantly updated list can be found on the TIDAL website.

Getting to the point

Providers such as TIDAL make great efforts to ensure that users can use their service in as many ways as possible and in a particularly convenient way. TIDAL now adds a particularly elegant form via TIDAL for Apple Watch.


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