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KEF Ventura Series – Outdoor Loudspeaker from England

Enjoying music on the terrace, in the garden, by the pool or even on the yacht is what KEF offers the KEF Ventura Series for, with the KEF Ventura 5 and KEF Ventura 6 models. These are said to feature sophisticated design and optimised technologies.

KEF Ventura Series, with which the English loudspeaker specialist KEF offers solutions that have been developed for a special task, namely outdoor use. Wherever you want to enjoy music outdoors in an appealing way, that’s where the KEF Ventura Series models can be used.

According to the English company, they have developed solutions that can cope with any weather conditions and are therefore designed for permanent installation in outdoor sound reinforcement solutions.

Fixed installation compared to mobile solutions

Of course, there is a very wide range of mobile solutions for listening to music outdoors, especially the product group of portable Bluetooth speakers.

Some of the models in this category are actually designed specifically for outdoor use in all kinds of weather and deliver very appealing sound.

However, there is still the issue that you have to bring them indoors to charge the batteries, so there is no such thing as music at the touch of a button.

This is different with a permanent installation, where the initial installation is a little more complex, but the system is always and immediately available.

KEF Ventura Series – Ready for all weathers

KEF Ventura Series solutions are outdoor speakers, designed solely for outdoor use, to withstand all weather conditions. They feature weatherproof, sealed enclosures, even going so far as to consider extreme weather conditions, such as those found at the seaside with high salt exposure.

Certified to IP65

The KEF Ventura Series is IP65 certified and can be used not only on the patio, in the garden, by the pool, in restaurants and hotels, but also on a yacht.

KEF Ventura 5 and KEF Ventura 6

KEF currently offers two models in the KEF Ventura Series, the KEF Ventura 5 and KEF Ventura 6, both of which are designed for medium or even larger outdoor listening areas.

Most importantly, these solutions are designed for more than just background sound. KEF states that the KEF Ventura 5 and KEF Ventura 6 are loudspeaker systems designed for high-quality outdoor listening.

Sophisticated design and optimised technologies

The KEF Ventura 5 and KEF Ventura 6 are outdoor speaker systems designed to deliver high-quality music outdoors, thanks to a number of features borrowed from regular HIFi speaker systems.

For example, both are two-way systems that use a 25 mm tweeter with an aluminium cone and liquid-cooled voice coil. According to the manufacturer, this should ensure crystal-clear highs with high power handling. The low-midrange driver has a diameter of 130 mm for the KEF Ventura 5 and 160 mm for the KEF Ventura 6.

Impedance for both systems is listed as 6 ohms, and sensitivity is listed as 89 dB for the KEF Ventura 5 and 90 dB for the KEF Ventura 6.

The KEF Ventura 5 can reproduce a frequency range between 60 Hz and 20 kHz, with the crossover intervening at 3.8 kHz. It is designed for amplifiers between 10 and 100 watts.

The KEF Ventura 6 has a frequency range of 54 Hz to 20 kHz, with the crossover starting at 3 kHz. The recommended amplifier power for this system is 10 to 125 watts.

The KEF Ventura 5 measures 262 x 197 x 189 mm “naked”, but what’s more interesting is that with the necessary stainless steel mounting devices it measures 262 x 197 x 235 mm and thus weighs 2.85 kg.

KEF Ventura 5 03KEF Ventura 5 02
Foto © KEF – KEF Ventura Series: KEF Ventura 5

The KEF Ventura 6 measures 300 x 226 x 219 mm for the speaker system alone, and 300 x 226 x 263.5 mm including the mounting bracket. This weighs in at 3.8 kg.

Horizontally or vertically mounted? Both speakers can be mounted in either orientation as required, and the manufacturer’s logo on the massive speaker grille can of course be adjusted accordingly to maintain the perfect look.

KEF Ventura 6 02KEF Ventura 6 03
Foto © KEF – KEF Ventura Series: KEF Ventura 6

Black or white

Both the KEF Ventura 5 and KEF Ventura 6 are available in black and white finishes.

The manufacturer’s recommended retail price for the KEF Ventura 5 is €399 and for the KEF Ventura 6 €499.

Getting to the point

Loudspeaker systems for outdoor use are available with the KEF Ventura Series solutions, whereby the English loudspeaker specialists from KEF promise solutions that are not only intended for background sound, but actually for music enjoyment. The KEF Ventura 5 and KEF Ventura 6 models are suitable for all weather conditions and can even withstand particularly problematic weather conditions, such as those found in salty sea air.

Manufacturer: KEF
Distribution: GP Acoustics GmbH
Price:KEF Ventura 5 € 399,-
KEF Ventura 6 € 499,-
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