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Roberts Rambler BT Stereo – Style icon with impressive sound

A classic radio that borrows its design from products of this class from the 1970s, but offers state-of-the-art functionality, is to be available with the new Roberts Rambler BT Stereo.

Roberts Rambler BT Stereo, this is once again proof that classic radio is still in demand. And when we say classic radio, we really mean it literally, because with this, the English specialist Roberts Radio Ltd. offers a solution that is completely in the style of the 1970s.

Timeless, that’s how the manufacturer himself describes the design, and he’s probably quite right.

Origin in the 1970s – Robert’s Rambler

The Roberts Rambler, popular in the 1970s, served as the basis here, as the name makes clear, although the new Roberts Rambler BT Stereo now available is not the first solution to refer to this style icon of the 70s.

Already last year, Roberts Radio Ltd. launched the Roberts Rambler BT blue DAB+ digital radio solution, which should be understood as a new edition of the Roberts Rambler from the 1970s.

Roberts Rambler BT Stereo – The sister model of the Robert Rambler BT blue DAB+

Even if the new Roberts Rambler BT Stereo refers to the classic design of the style icon of the 1970s, the features of the new radio are intended to meet the most modern demands. This was already true for the Robert Rambler BT blue DAB, and also applies to the new sister model.

Flexible source selection

The Roberts Rambler BT Stereo is a modern, portable radio that comes up with a variety of sources.

First, of course, the focus is on radio, with the user having the choice between FM with RDS support and DAB. For both types of reception, the Roberts Rambler BT Stereo offers ten memory locations each, so that personal favourites can be called up directly at the touch of a button.

  • Roberts Rambler BT Stereo 02
  • Roberts Rambler BT Stereo 03
  • Roberts Rambler BT Stereo 04
  • Roberts Rambler BT Stereo 05
  • Roberts Rambler BT Stereo 06
  • Roberts Rambler BT Stereo 07

In addition, the Roberts Rambler BT Stereo also offers Bluetooth, as can be easily seen from the name. This allows mobile devices, especially smartphones, to be connected as a source.

Roberts Rambler BT Stereo – Style icon with impressive sound

This offers the great advantage that you can not only play back your own content on your smartphone, but also have direct access to countless online offers. Internet radio is available as well as various streaming services. Only the required app must be installed for this.

Those who want to integrate analogue sources can do so as well. For this purpose, the new Roberts Rambler BT Stereo has an AUX input in the form of a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack.

If you want to enjoy music all to yourself, the new Roberts Rambler BT Stereo offers another 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack for connecting headphones.

Simple operation

Once again, the manufacturer emphasises the simple operation of its solutions and thus also of the Roberts Rambler BT Stereo. All controls and a display are located on the top of the portable radio.

The display can also be used to set the alarm and snooze functions, so that the new Roberts Rambler BT Stereo can also be used as a radio alarm clock on the bedside table.

Appealing sound – stereo instead of mono

Despite its compact dimensions of only 235 x 144 x 94 mm, the new Roberts Rambler BT Stereo is supposed to offer an appealing sound.

For this purpose, this solution is equipped with two full-range drivers, which, according to the manufacturer, come up with powerful, clear sound.

  • Roberts Rambler BT Stereo 08
  • Roberts Rambler BT Stereo 09
  • Roberts Rambler BT Stereo 10
  • Roberts Rambler BT Stereo 11
  • Roberts Rambler BT Stereo 12
  • Roberts Rambler BT Stereo 13

The main difference to the previously available model Roberts Rambler BT blue DAB+ is thus also explained, the new model Roberts Rambler BT Stereo delivers stereo instead of “only” mono.

A portable radio

How could it be otherwise, of course, this is a portable radio, just as it should be for a device of this class. It can be plugged into a wall socket or used on the road or anywhere in the house where there is no power supply nearby. Four AA batteries or rechargeable batteries of the same form factor can be used. A special Auto ECO mode is supposed to ensure a particularly long playing time.

Noble design

Of course, Roberts Radio Ltd. also relies on high-quality workmanship with appealing materials for the new Roberts Rambler BT Stereo. The housing is constructed with a metal frame and wooden elements, and the front is covered with imitation leather.

This is not least to meet high demands and to underline once more that the company’s reputation as supplier to the court of the British royal family with the distinction “Manufacturer and supplier of radio receivers to Her Majesty The Queen and HRH the Prince of Wales” is justified.

Three design variants available

The user can choose from three available designs for the new Roberts Rambler BT Stereo, namely Duck Egg, Leaf Green and Navy Blue. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is € 189. The Roberts Rambler BT Stereo should be available in specialist shops within the next few days.

Getting to the point

Roberts Radio Ltd. already presented the Roberts Rambler BT blue DAB+ digital radio last year, and now the new sister model is available, which is almost identical in terms of features, but now in stereo.

Manufacturer:Roberts Radio Ltd.
Distribution:Audio Vertrieb by HZ Electronics
Price:€ 189,-
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