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With the new JBL SUB80P Powered Subwoofer, Harman Luxury Audio presents an active, wirelessly controllable subwoofer that is supposed to offer rich performance and compact dimensions as well as an elegant appearance. All features that facilitate flexible integration into the living environment.

As an extension to the existing speaker series, JBL Synthesis is now launching the new JBL SUB80P Powered Subwoofer, as announced by Harman Luxury Audio. This is intended to provide a solution that is particularly flexible to integrate into a wide variety of configurations and, due to its compact dimensions, can be flexibly integrated into almost any living space.

The new JBL SUB80P Powered Subwoofer shines with an elegant, slim design, the integration into HiFi chains takes place via radio, and with appropriate performance it is supposed to offer a solid bass reproduction.

JBL SUB80P Powered Subwoofer designed as a down-firing subwoofer

The new JBL SUB80P Powered Subwoofer is designed as a so-called down-firing subwoofer, which means that the developers use an 8-inch woofer that radiates downwards and is housed in a closed cabinet.

The bass chassis of the new JBL SUB80P Powered Subwoofer is driven by a Class D amplifier with a power output of 200 watts RMS and 400 watts dynamic.

The manufacturer is convinced that this ensures a powerful bass performance both in the environment of a stereo hi-fi system and as a subwoofer in a multi-channel surround configuration in the home cinema.

Individually adaptable

Of course, the new JBL SUB80P Powered Subwoofer provides the user with all the options for optimally adapting it to his or her own configuration and placement in the room.

On the rear panel you will find a level control, a phase switch, adjustment options for the crossover frequency, as well as the option to completely remove the crossover from the signal path.

The new JBL SUB80P Powered Subwoofer provides a pair of cinch sockets, as well as a designated LFE input, also designed as a cinch socket. Also included is a small 2.4 GHz transmitter module that can easily be hidden behind the audio or AV system. The wireless transmitter module of the JBL SUB80P Powered Subwoofer has two RCA connectors for the right and left channels.

The new JBL SUB80P Powered Subwoofer can be controlled via a 12 V trigger connection designed as a 3.5 mm mini-jack, but of course it also has an auto-standby function.

“The SUB80P is a fantastic way to add extended bass response to any system. It offers incredibly easy connectivity and complete flexibility of placement in the room. With its small size and powerful reproduction, it’s the perfect addition to any music or movie system.”

Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Harman Luxury Audio

Pricing and availability

The new JBL SUB80P Powered Subwoofer will be available at retailers in a high-gloss black finish before the end of the first quarter of 2022, the manufacturer said, although it has not yet given a local price for it. For the USA, the manufacturer quoted a price of US$ 599 during the presentation at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

The scope of delivery naturally includes the aforementioned transmitter module together with the necessary power supply unit, an LFE signal cable with RCA connectors and a 3.5 mm 12 volt trigger cable.

Getting to the point

Harman Luxury Audio presents the new JBL SUB80P Powered Subwoofer, a solution to support stereo and multi-channel surround systems with a corresponding subwoofer. The group, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, is primarily aiming to expand the portfolio of high-performance speaker systems in its own JBL Synthesis product range, offering a solution that, despite its compact size, provides extended bass response with the flexibility of wireless connectivity for easy placement in a wide range of system applications.

PriceUS$ 599,-
ManufacturerHarman International Industries
DistributionHarman Deutschland GmbH
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