Klipsch Jubilee – The new Heritage Series Flagship Speaker

The new Klipsch Jubilee is a 2-way fully horn-loaded loudspeaker, which the US loudspeaker specialist presented for the first time at CES 2022. It is the last loudspeaker design that Paul W. Klipsch conceived and that could now actually be realised.

The Klipsch Jubilee, with which the US loudspeaker manufacturer Klipsch presents The New Klipsch Heritage Series Flagship Speaker, as the company itself puts it, thus a solution that places itself at the top of the Klipsch Heritage Series and that is supposed to distinguish itself first and foremost by a decisive feature.

Klipsch states that it implements a loudspeaker concept that was developed by company founder Paul W. Klipsch himself. In fact, it is the last loudspeaker system designed by Paul W. Klipsch himself.

Klipsch Jubilee – Designed by Paul W. Klipsch

The founder of the company, Paul W. Klipsch, had always dreamed of developing a so-called full horn-loaded two-way speaker, i.e. a loudspeaker system that not only relied on a horn in the high-frequency range, but also for the mid- and low-frequency drivers. He saw the potential to surpass his legendary Klipsch Klipschorn. However, according to the company, the appropriate technology was not yet available during the lifetime of the company’s founder.

Now, however, all the conditions are in place for the last loudspeaker design conceived by Paul W. Klipsch to actually become reality, in the form of the new Klipsch Jubilee.

As the new flagship of the Klipsch Heritage Series, this solution should be able to deliver with impressive presence and power exactly what Paul W. Klipsch has always considered to be his highest goal, namely a loudspeaker system that offers a live music experience on an unprecedented level.

Loudspeaker with high efficiency and enormous power.

The Klipsch Jubilee is designed as a two-way system, with a full horn design to guarantee nothing less than the ultimate listening experience, as described by the manufacturer itself.

The Klipsch Jubilee incorporates the latest acoustic developments to achieve this feat. It features a patented horn-loaded vented woofer enclosure and an all-new horn compression driver.

Each component is specifically optimised to operate in its respective frequency range, resulting in the Klipsch Jubilee being one of the most efficient commercially available speakers on the market. Higher efficiency results in higher acoustic output produced with significantly less effort. The result is the cleanest and most dynamic sound possible across the entire musical range.

High Frequency Compression Driver

It’s no surprise that Klipsch uses horn compression drivers for tweeters, but the new Klipsch Jubilee is said to be a very unusual model, with the manufacturer referring to a Klipsch K-693 5-inch Axiperiodic Titanium Diaphragm Compression Driver.

The large diameter tweeter eliminates the need for a separate midrange driver, allowing the original Klipsch Jubilee design by Paul W. Klipsch to be accurately realised. This wide bandwidth design lowers the crossover frequency below the critical vocal range for seamless clarity and precision, Klipsch promises.

Patented Horn-loaded Vented System for the woofer

The woofer combines the advantages of a vented system with a horn-loaded system to maximise efficiency, according to Klipsch. The new Klipsch Jubilee with a Klipsch K-281 12 inch fibre composite cone woofer is ten to 20 times more efficient than conventional speaker systems.

Klipsch Heritage Active Crossover

The new Klipsch Jubilee features an external active crossover that uses DSP-based signal processing. This is said to achieve the highest level of precision, as the DSP-based signal processing adjusts the phase and time delay of each acoustic component to eliminate acoustic phase cancellation and ensure a seamless, harmonious transition between the tweeter and woofer drivers, guaranteeing optimum timing. The declared goal is nothing less than a true-to-life sound.

The active crossover of the Klipsch Jubilee is designed as an external rack system and allows the user to make individual adjustments at any time in order to best adapt the reproduction to their own listening room.

Klipsch claims that the new Klipsch Jubilee has a frequency range of 18 Hz to 20 kHz, with a crossover frequency of only 340 Hz. The company speaks of a nominal impedance of 8 ohms for the woofer, and 16 ohms for the tweeter, and recommends a power rating of 100 watts for the tweeter and 300 watts for the woofer, with maximum loads of 400 watts and 1,200 watts respectively.

  • Foto © Klipsch | Klipsch Jubilee - The new Heritage Series Flagship Speaker
  • Foto © Klipsch | Klipsch Jubilee - The new Heritage Series Flagship Speaker
  • Foto © Klipsch | Klipsch Jubilee - The new Heritage Series Flagship Speaker
  • Foto © Klipsch | Klipsch Jubilee - The new Heritage Series Flagship Speaker

Mighty appearance

The new Klipsch Jubilee is, as expected, quite a mighty apparition, measuring an impressive 175.26 cm in height, 127 cm in depth and 76.2 cm in width.

The system is available in Black Ash and American Walnut, whereby the manufacturer explicitly points out that this solution is handmade in the USA, namely in Hope in the US state of Arkansas.

The veneers are applied in such a way that a perfect surface is achieved, whereby the two loudspeaker systems of a pair are worked in pairs, thus creating a coherent picture.

Prices and availability

As already described, the new Klipsch Jubilee will be available in Black Ash and American Walnut finishes, although we do not yet have any information on the prices at which this new flagship of the Klipsch Heritage Series will be offered. All that is certain at the moment is that Klipsch expects it to be available in spring 2022.

Getting to the point

According to the US loudspeaker specialist Klipsch, this is the last loudspeaker system that Paul W. Klipsch personally developed, but which could not yet be realised because the technological basis was missing. Now, however, the technologies are available to realise this extraordinary loudspeaker concept and to present the new flagship of the Klipsch Heritage Series in the form of the new Klipsch Jubilee.

ManufacturerKlipsch Group Inc.
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyMagnat Audio-Produkte GmbH
Distribution Switzerlandnovis electronics AG
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