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JBL Live Pro 2 – True Wireless In-ear Headphones with True Adaptive Noise-Cancelling and Smart Ambient

Once again, Harman International Industries is expanding its portfolio of JBL-branded true wireless in-ear headphones with the new JBL Live Pro 2, which is said to offer fine sound and perfect voice quality.

With the new JBL Live Pro 2, Harman International Industries is once again expanding the range of so-called True Wireless in-ear headphones of the JBL brand, namely with a solution that, as part of the JBL Live Series, is supposed to distinguish itself first and foremost by an always unclouded, appealing music reproduction, as well as by the best voice quality.

This makes it clear that the JBL Live Series is a solution aimed at mobile people who use headphones as an essential accessory for their smartphone, whether for relaxation or to stay in touch.

JBL Live Pro 2 – JBL Signature Sound

The latest True Wireless In-ear headphones from JBL are of course also supposed to feature JBL Signature Sound, whereby drivers with a diameter of 11 mm are used. The company understands the term JBL Signature Sound to mean a rich, dynamic and detailed sound with a sound characteristic that, according to experience, has a subtle emphasis in the lower and middle frequency range.

Ergonomic design

The new JBL Live Pro 2 are designed with an ergonomic shape, whereby the manufacturer itself speaks of a so-called stick design with an oval hearing channel. This should guarantee comfortable use even over hours.

It should be emphasised that the new JBL Live Pro 2 are certified according to IPX5 and are thus considered waterproof and sweat-resistant, so that nothing stands in the way of their use even during outdoor sports.

True Adaptive Noise-Cancelling with Smart Ambient

A very important feature of the new JBL Live Pro 2 is, as already described, the active noise cancellation, which, according to the manufacturer, guarantees improved audio quality in any environment.

This is based first and foremost on a total of six microphones that have been integrated into the JBL Live Pro 2 and serve as the basis for the DSP-based signal processing. The microphones themselves are already equipped with noise and wind isolation technology, making them comparatively insensitive to external influences.

Smart Ambient is a very important aspect of active noise cancellation, because it allows the user to determine what ambient noise he or she can still perceive in different situations. This is particularly important when moving around in public spaces with the JBL Live Pro 2 in the ear and thus either still has to perceive street noise or wants to follow announcements in public transport.

Of course, the microphones of the JBL Live Pro 2 are also used for telephone calls and video calls, whereby the manufacturer promises the best possible voice quality.

Voice control is also possible with it, whether Google Assistant for smartphones with Google Android or Apple Siri for Apple iOS. Amazon Alexa is also made directly available, according to the data sheet. For Google Android, it must be emphasised that the new JBL Live Pro 2 supports Dual Connect and Google Fast Pair.

Up to 40 hours of playtime

It’s worth noting that the new JBL Live Pro 2 claims to achieve up to 40 hours of playtime, although this ultimately refers to ten hours of continuous playback from the headphones alone, plus charging on the go via the included transport case with powerbank function. The battery in the transport case is sufficient for the remaining 30 hours. Charging is via USB-C or the Qi wireless charging function of the new JBL Live Pro 2 and its transport case. A quick-charge function allows you to enjoy up to four hours of music in just 15 minutes.

  • Foto © Harman International Industries | JBL Live Pro 2
  • Foto © Harman International Industries | JBL Live Pro 2
  • Foto © Harman International Industries | JBL Live Pro 2

Easy control via All Access Touch Control

The new JBL Live Pro 2 are said to be particularly easy to operate, with the manufacturer referring to the so-called All Access Touch Control, via which all relevant functions can be controlled directly via the headphones at the touch of a button.

Of course, a suitable app is not missing, which is offered in the form of the JBL Headphones App for Google Android and Apple iOS and allows the configuration of the True Wireless in-ear headphones as well as possible future updates.

  • Foto © Harman International Industries | JBL Live Pro 2
  • Foto © Harman International Industries | JBL Live Pro 2
  • Foto © Harman International Industries | JBL Live Pro 2
  • Foto © Harman International Industries | JBL Live Pro 2

Prices and availability

According to the manufacturer, the new JBL Live Pro 2 will be available on the market in spring 2022. The customer will have the choice between blue, black and white. Harman International Industries also highlights that the new JBL Live Pro 2 will use JBL’s latest environmentally friendly packaging. The recommended retail price is listed at € 179,95.

Getting to the point

It is first and foremost the active noise cancellation combined with Smart Ambient that Harman International Industries highlights as key features of the JBL brand’s new True Wireless in-ear headphones, the JBL Live Pro 2. This solution is said to not only deliver fine sound undisturbed, but also to be ideal for conversations on the go. The fact that these headphones also have a very long battery life should also be emphasised.

Price€ 179,95
ManufacturerHarman International Industries
DistributionHarman Deutschland GmbH
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