Hörzone Akustik picture absorbers - An ornament for every room

Together with the artist Helen Königs, the Munich-based company Hörzone GmbH designed very special acoustic elements that not only fulfil their actual purpose, but are also portraits of outstanding musicians.

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  • They are not only solutions for improving room acoustics, they are also musician portraits, the listening zone acoustics image absorbers.

For years, the Munich-based company Hörzone GmbH has been known as a specialist in room acoustics and solutions for optimising them. Under the management of Reinhard Weidinger, the company works primarily with the Croatian company Sonitus Acoustics and can provide a wide range of products for the most diverse requirements based on their solutions.

Now, based on the systems of Sonitus Acoustics, they present a very special solution, the so-called Hörzone Akustik picture absorbers. Of course, these also function as tools for optimising the room acoustics, but they are also portraits of outstanding musicians, which are thus also an adornment for the living space.

Developed with the artist Helen Königs

The artist Helen Königs is responsible for the musician portraits. She has been pursuing the pizza cardboard painting project for years and is now dedicating herself to this series for the joint project with Hörzone GmbH.

Different subjects are to follow bit by bit, starting with four acoustic picture absorbers with the likenesses of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Lennon or Louis Armstrong.

Each Hörzone acoustic image absorber measures 90 cm in width, 120 cm in height and 5.8 cm in depth. It is worth mentioning that each subject is enclosed in a thin, black frame.

Originals also available

The pictures on the acoustic absorbers are, of course, not the originals, but they should also be available, as Hörzone GmbH states. The originals have a size of 17 x 23 cm, i.e. they are much more compact, and are available on request for € 375,- each.

Prices and availability

The Hörzone acoustic image absorbers are available immediately from the Munich-based company, for example directly from its online store. Hörzone GmbH is asking a price of € 299,- per unit.

Getting to the point

Reinhard Weidinger and his company Hörzone GmbH are not only known as specialists for room acoustics solutions, but are also always good for surprises. Like the new project Reinhard Weidinger is pursuing together with the artist Helen Königs and her project Pizza Cardboard Painting. Acoustic absorbers from the Croatian specialist Sonitus Acoustics are refined here with music portraits, the corresponding Hörzone Akustik picture absorbers thus also represent an adornment for the room.

Price€ 299,-
ManufacturerSonitus Acoustics
DistributionHörzone GmbH
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