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Grimm LS1be Nano Legs – A trace shorter

The outstanding loudspeaker systems of the Grimm LS1 Series from Grimm Audio are now available in another version, the so-called Grimm LS1be Nano Legs. This allows for even more flexible integration into a wide variety of environments.

Grimm LS1be Nano Legs, the Dutch company Grimm Audio is presenting an extremely exciting new variant of the Grimm LS1 Series active loudspeaker system at the High End 2022. This is the solution that has attracted a lot of attention from discerning hi-fi enthusiasts and which, as the new Grimm LS1be Nano Legs variant together with the well-known Grimm LS1be, was once again the focus of Grimm Audio’s demonstrations in Munich, even if the main focus was on the new possibilities of the Grimm MU1 Music Player as a source for an active surround system.

Grimm LS1be – The Flagship

For the Grimm LS1be, Grimm Audio has set itself the goal of raising the performance of the Grimm LS1 to a new level, and in this respect it is talking about an active loudspeaker system that takes on the role of the company’s flagship.

Apart from a truly outstanding design and amplifiers based on Hypex NCore Class D modules, this loudspeaker system is especially characterised by its DSP-based signal processing, which is supposed to guarantee optimal results in almost any environment. This is the result of all the experience the developers have gained over the years in the professional studio environment.

The Grimm LS1be is a floor-standing loudspeaker system that looks extremely compact and slim, but is nevertheless placed free-standing in the room.

And this is exactly where the new Grimm LS1be Nano Legs comes in, because it uses a newly designed, shorter stand.

Grimm LS1be Nano Legs 01

Grimm LS1be Nano Legs – Shorter feet

To get to the point, the new Grimm LS1be Nano Legs is a somewhat adapted version of the Grimm LS1be, whereby every effort has been made to ensure that the loudspeaker system can be placed directly on furniture rather than standing freely in the room.

According to the manufacturer, this is of great importance in smaller rooms, as they know from customer enquiries, but this special design can also be of interest in large rooms, for example, if the new Grimm LS1be Nano Legs is used in combination with other active loudspeaker systems of the Grimm LS1 Series in a surround configuration, for example, around a Grimm MU1 music player, as the Dutch company Grimm Audio did at the High End 2022.

The new Grimm LS1be Nano Legs was used as a centre speaker, but could also be designed as a surround speaker, to name another example.

Based on a Grimm LS1 Special Edition for Concertgebouw Amsterdam Studio

The concept of the new Grimm LS1be Nano Legs originates from a Grimm LS1 Special Edition, which was developed for the Concertgebouw Amsterdam Studio. The task was to find a solution for integrating the loudspeaker system into a small control room, where it was to be placed on a so-called bass trap.

Special Acoustic Mat for optimal results

Of course, one could simply make the feet a bit shorter to turn the floorstanding speaker system into a “bookshelf speaker system”, but that would only be half-hearted, because, as is often the case, it’s the details that count. And this is exactly what Grimm Audio has taken to heart with the new Grimm LS1be Nano Legs.

The newly designed stand of the Grimm LS1be Nano Legs has a special acoustic mat on its upper side, which is a very important feature, as Grimm Audio points out in an interview with

This prevents reflections, which inevitably occur from the speaker’s drivers on this stand, from occurring in the first place, thus guaranteeing optimal performance.

Prices and availability

The new Grimm LS1be Nano Legs should be available in specialist shops within the next few days, whereby the manufacturer states that it will be offered at the same price as the previous version of the Grimm LS1be. This means that it will also be available in the various design versions already available, at a price of € 21.999,- per pair.

Getting to the point

The new Grimm LS1be Nano Legs is a very exciting alternative from Grimm Audio to the Grimm LS1be, because these are essentially exactly the same active speaker systems, but in one case the regular floorstanding speaker system, and in the other case the new more compact version for placement on furniture. The fact that all details have been considered, such as a special acoustic mat on the stand to prevent reflections, shows once again the meticulousness with which Grimm Audio works.

Price€ 21.999,-
ManufacturerGrimm Audio
DistributionHörzone GmbH
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