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Focal Clear as well as Focal Clear Pro, these headphone models are already available as reference class solutions, now the product family is extended by another model that is supposed to set equally high standards, namely the new Focal Clear Mg.

Focal Clear Mg, the French loudspeaker and headphone specialist Focal JMlab introduces a solution that is supposed to meet particularly high demands. The new headphones are intended to expand the existing family consisting of Focal Clear, introduced in October 2017, and the Focal Clear Pro from February 2018, and are also to be classified in the reference class.

The Focal Clear, according to the French company, is characterised by a superior listening experience at home, while the Focal Clear Pro, as its name suggests, is designed more for use in the professional studio environment. Here, it is supposed to be able to compete with the very best monitor systems.

Focal Clear Mg – High-end HiFi headphones

In principle, the new Focal Clear Mg has the same genes as the two models mentioned above, combining top performance in technical innovation and sound quality with first-class design and maximum wearing comfort, according to the description by Focal JMlab, which is full of superlatives.

With the new Focal Clear Mg, everything has been done to create a headphone that can easily be placed at the top of its product category.

Open design, new driver

This headphone model is an open-back solution, a design principle that is particularly appreciated by many users in the high-end hi-fi segment, as it guarantees a very relaxed listening experience, even for hours on end.

The most striking feature of the Focal Clear Mg is a completely newly developed driver, which is supposed to guarantee an even higher reproduction quality. This is a driver with a magnesium diaphragm, hence the addition of the name that adorns the new headphones from France.

The engineers at Focal JMlab have invested three years of research in the development of this driver, which, in combination with Focal JMlab’s so-called M-membrane profile, ensures an even lower weight, higher rigidity and better internal damping. According to the French, these are the three most essential technical features of any speaker and headphone driver.

Particularly realistic sound impression

Another key design feature of the Focal Clear Mg is a particularly light and flexible driver surround, which allows for greater dynamic range and bass authority. The reproduction is even finer, more precise and more impulsive, resulting in an amazingly realistic sound.

  • Focal Clear Mg 09
  • Focal Clear Mg 10
  • Focal Clear Mg 11
  • Focal Clear Mg 12
  • Focal Clear Mg 13
  • Focal Clear Mg 14
  • Focal Clear Mg 15
  • Focal Clear Mg 16

For even more refined high-frequency resolution, the grille has been designed to follow the M-profile of the diaphragm and can therefore be placed closer to it. A particularly efficient honeycomb perforation is the heart of the open construction and allows for a proverbial free, spatial sound.

The finest workmanship

Focal JMlab has always focused on a particularly exquisite appearance for its headphone models. It is fair to say that these headphones clearly belong to the premium segment, both in terms of appearance and workmanship.

For the new Focal Clear Mg, the focus is on an almost exclusive look with warm brown tones and metal accents.

Materials such as aluminium are used for the construction of the frame, the connection to the bracket and stainless steel as the basis for the bracket. The aluminium is perfectly anodised and combines perfectly with the chosen leather and microfibre fabric. The honeycomb grille just mentioned becomes an essential design element here, also in terms of appearance. The perforated microfibre ear cushions also perform two essential tasks: on the one hand, they support the desired open, airy sound, and on the other hand, they provide a comfortable wearing experience.

Technical specifications of the Focal Clear Mg

The new Focal Clear Mg has a frequency range from 5 Hz up to 28 kHz. The 40 mm M-Shaped Magnesium Dome Driver has an impedance of 55 Ohm and a sensitivity of 104 dB.

Although the manufacturer speaks of “lightweight” headphones, the new Focal Clear Mg weigh 450 g.

  • Focal Clear Mg 17
  • Focal Clear Mg 18
  • Focal Clear Mg 19
  • Focal Clear Mg 20
  • Focal Clear Mg 21
  • Focal Clear Mg 22
  • Focal Clear Mg 23
  • Focal Clear Mg 24
  • Focal Clear Mg 25

Suitable accessories included

The new Focal Clear Mg comes with two cables, one with a length of 1.2 m and a 6.3 mm stereo jack, the other with a length of 3 m and a 4-pin XLR connector. Both versions use OFC copper cable 24 AWG with low power resistance. An adapter to 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack is also part of the scope of delivery.

Also included is a hard case in the same colours as the headphones. A matching stand is also available as an option, which can be used for optimal storage of the headphones as well as for setting them off in the living room.

The new Focal Clear Mg is already available in specialist shops. The recommended retail price is € 1,500.

Getting to the point

A newly developed full-range driver based on an “M”-shaped magnesium dome is the heart of the new Focal Clear Mg. Focal JMlab is convinced that this driver should provide even more dynamics, especially in the low frequencies, as well as opulent detail in the entire transmission range. Once again, Focal JMlab has opted for an absolutely neutral sound tuning and relies on a noble finish with an exclusive design.

Distribution:Focal Naim Deutschland GmbH
Price:€ 1.500,-
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