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Firmware update for Dali CALLISTO C, Dali RUBICON C and Dali Sound Hub

The Danish company Dali Speaker A/S now offers updated firmware versions for the entire product line of wireless speaker systems. This concerns the products of the Dali CALLISTO C Series, the Dali RUBICON C Series, and of course the central interface of both product lines, the Dali Sound Hub.

Dali Speaker A/S is taking an extremely exciting path with active loudspeaker systems. Active loudspeakers are becoming more and more popular, as they are the best solution for creating a compact but high-quality HiFi system. There is no way around the speakers, and if they contain all the necessary electronics, it is just perfect. And this is exactly where the special way of Dali Speaker A/S comes into play. The active speaker systems from Dali Speaker A/S are not “just” active speakers that have the necessary amplifier integrated, they are based on a central interface that offers the same flexibility as a conventional HiFi system. You can connect a wide variety of sources to a central component, and even more, if desired, this can even function as a Hi-res audio streaming system, whereby the connection to the speakers is then “wireless” via radio. To put it in a nutshell, you get the full functionality with the least effort.

Dali Speaker A/S already offers two such product lines: the Dali CALLISTO C Series with the models Dali CALLISTO 2 C and Dali CALLISTO 6 C, and the Dali RUBICON C Series, which consists of the models Dali RUBICON 2 C and Dali RUBICON 6 C. The Dali Sound Hub is the connecting link between the two model series.

The Dali OBERON C Series is a new addition to the Dali RUBICON C Series, whereby three active loudspeaker systems are offered: the Dali OBERON 1 C, Dali OBERO 7 C and Dali OBERON ON-WALL C. With this product line the Danes are also introducing a new central interface, the little brother of the previously offered Dali Sound Hub, the new Dali Sound Hub Compact.

With the introduction of the new product line it is important to bring the existing models up to date, so new firmware is now available for the Dali CALLISTO C Series and Dali RUBICON C Series as well as for the Dali Sound Hub.

This is firmware v3.1, which can now be downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s website.

According to Dali Speaker A/S, the new firmware improves the compatibility of the Dali RUBICON C Series and Dali CALLISTO C Series speaker systems with the Dali Sound Hub, but also with the new Dali Sound Hub Compact and the new Dali OBERON C Series models. As reported, the models of the different product series can be combined with each other without any problems.

Dali Speaker A/S provides the firmware in the form of ZIP files, which of course contain, in addition to the actual firmware, detailed instructions for the installation process.

Finally, it should be noted that the new firmware is actually new firmware for the speakers and the hub itself, so it is not related to the optional BluOS module, which can be used to upgrade the Dali Sound Hub, but not the Dali Sound Hub Compact.

Getting to the point

With the introduction of the new product line Dali OBERON C Series it is also important to update the existing active speaker models from Dali Speaker A/S, so new firmware is now available for the Dali CALLISTO C Series and Dali RUBICON C Series as well as for the Dali Sound Hub.

Manufacturer:Dali Speaker A/S
Distribution:Dali Deutschland GmbH
Price:free firmware update
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