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Devialet Dione – everything you need?

With the new Devialet Dione, the French company Devialet S.A. presents a soundbar for the first time, and as one would expect, it is supposed to be a particularly powerful soundbar, which the company from Paris describes as the only audio solution one needs.

Devialet Dione is the name of the solution with which the French company Devialet S.A. is now surprising us. What is surprising is not so much that Devialet S.A. presents a soundbar with the new Devialet Dione, but rather that such a system is only now being presented. After all, the market for soundbar systems has been considered an extremely flourishing segment for years, in which a multitude of companies want to participate and countless solutions vie for the favour of customers. That a company like Devialet S.A., of all companies, is entering the ring so late is very surprising.

After all, Devialet S.A. is considered a proven specialist for particularly powerful all-in-one solutions, so in principle they would be well equipped. And indeed, the company from Paris advertises the new Devialet Dione as a very, very powerful solution that relies on exclusive technologies.

Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione
Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione

Devialet Dione – That’s all you need…

Devialet Dione, that’s all you need, at least that’s what Devialet S.A. is convinced of and speaks of this new solution as a real all-in-one sound system with extremely powerful performance.

The fact that you don’t need anything else around the Devialet Dione soundbar refers specifically to the design of the system, because in comparison to other products of this kind, where manufacturers rely on a particularly slim design and bring an external subwoofer into play, Devialet S.A. relies solely on the actual soundbar, so you can do without an external subwoofer.

Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione
Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione

Devialet SAM Technology

Once again, the Devialet SAM Technology is the basis of the new Devialet Dione, the technology that was already used in the all-in-one systems of the manufacturer, the Devialet Phantom Series, and which is responsible for some really brute performances.

In the new Devialet Dione, there are no less than 17 drivers, which the manufacturer calls high-end drivers, which are supposed to deliver crystal-clear highs, rich mids, but also frequencies down to the infrabass range. The latter is specifically covered by eight integrated long-throw subwoofers with Devialet SAM Technology, as the manufacturer emphasises.

It is striking that the drivers are actually arranged around the slim cabinet, so that they not only radiate to the front, but also to the back, sides and top.

Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione
Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione

Devialet Intelligence Processor

At the heart of the signal processing in the new Devialet Dione is the so-called Devialet Intelligence Processor, which, according to the manufacturer, combines the amplification and signal processing technologies of Devialet S.A. such as Devialet ADH, Devialet SAM, Devialet Magic Wire and Class A amplification as well as the DAC in a single system on a chip, a so-called SoC, measuring just one square centimetre. This is designed for maximum efficiency.

Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione
Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione

Immersive Sound Experience with 5.1.2-Channel Surround Sound with Dolby Atmos

The new soundbar from Devialet S.A. is designed as a 5.1.2-channel surround system, i.e. it is supposed to deliver surround sound from only one single source. The system supports Dolby Atmos, whereby the manufacturer states that any stereo signal can also be scaled up to surround in order to always integrate the user into a room-filling soundscape. A calibration is supposed to achieve the best possible result in every room.

Of course, various options such as sound modes and equalisers are available to adapt the reproduction to one’s own needs and ideas. The option offered by the Devialet Adaptive Volume Level Technology, AVL for short, seems to be particularly practical, because this is a dynamic equaliser that balances the sound level in real time depending on the content.

Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione
Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione

Integration via HDMI

Of course, the Devialet Dione is first and foremost integrated via HDMI, whereby, in addition to the aforementioned HDMI 2.1 interface, digital and analogue audio interfaces are also available to fulfil the task of an all-in-one audio system.

The integrated Bluetooth module, which complies with Bluetooth 5.0, also serves this purpose, and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in particular can be used directly as a source.

Streaming included – UPnP, AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect

Of course, streaming via the network is also included, whereby the Devialet Dione relies in particular on UPnP as well as Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect. The network functionality also allows for particularly convenient control via app, namely the Devialet App, which is offered for Apple iOS and Google Android, and which relies on the Devialet DOS2 software system of the Devialet Dione.

By the way, by means of Devialet SPACE Technology, music can always be played in room-filling surround sound, thus guaranteeing a three-dimensional sound experience.

Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione
Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione

Unique Design – ORB as a Tribute to the Devialet Phantom

It wouldn’t be Devialet S.A. if the first soundbar from the French company didn’t have a very special, and according to the manufacturer, even unique design.

The fact is that the new Devialet Dione is a very slim, and also really very elegant solution that can be easily integrated into any living environment.

Probably the most striking design feature is the so-called Devialet ORB, which is centrally located and which, according to the manufacturer, pays tribute to the aesthetics of the Devialet Phantom Series.

  • Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione
  • Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione
  • Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione
  • Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione
  • Foto © Devialet S.A. | Devialet Dione

Prices and availability

The new Devialet Dione soundbar should be available soon, at least it can already be pre-ordered from the French manufacturer Devialet S.A. directly on their website. Here you can also find the recommended retail price, which is listed at € 2.190,-.

Getting to the point

As already mentioned in the introduction, it is not surprising that Devialet S.A. is getting involved in the field of soundbar systems, but rather that they are only now doing so in the form of the new Devialet Dione. Nor will it be surprising that the French company claims that the new Devialet Dione is a solution that pushes the boundaries of sound experience and is therefore a soundbar that can fill any living room with immersive surround sound.

Price€ 2.190,-
ManufacturerDevialet S.A.
DistributionDevialet S.A.
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