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Dali CALLISTO C Series
Foto © Dali Speaker A/S

Dali CALLISTO C Series – New firmware with sound tuning

Modern active speaker systems make it possible to tune the sound with the help of new firmware. This is exactly what Dali Speaker A/S now offers with the latest firmware v3.2 for the Dali CALLISTO C Series.

The Dali CALLISTO C Series marked the entry of Dali Speaker A/S into the product area of wireless active speakers, whereby the models Dali CALLISTO 2C and Dali CALLISTO 6C truly caused a stir due to their very special design.

Dali Speaker A/S decided to rely on an established streaming platform, namely that of the Canadian Lenbrook Corp. or more precisely the software company BluOS. With the help of the Dali Sound Hub, the models Dali CALLISTO 2C and Dali CALLISTO 6C can not only be used very flexibly on their own, but also as part of a multi-room audio streaming system and access a wide variety of sources.

Advanced DSP-based Signal Processing

At the heart of the Dali CALLISTO C Series is a state-of-the-art DSP-based signal processing system that brings with it capabilities not expected from conventional solutions, such as the ability to tweak sound through firmware updates. This is exactly what Dali Speaker A/S has now done.

Sound tuning via firmware update

Dali Speaker A/S now offers a new firmware for the Dali CALLISTO C Series and thus the models Dali CALLISTO 2C and Dali CALLISTO 6C, the firmware v3.2.

The only, but all the more important feature of this new firmware is that a large-scale sound tuning has been carried out.

Dali Speaker A/S states that they have optimised the Dali CALLISTO C Series based on the experience gained from the development of the other active speaker series Dali OBERON C and Dali RUBICON C. The manufacturer even speaks of “completely re-designed” firmware.

The manufacturer even calls it “completely re-tuned” and promises that this will result in a further significant increase in quality.

The corresponding files can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s website.

The update requires a PC with Microsoft Windows and a USB stick with at least 512 MByte storage capacity. The PC is only used to transfer the corresponding files to the USB stick with the help of a tool. The actual update of the firmware is carried out via the USB stick on the speaker systems themselves and is described point by point in a text file enclosed with the download.

Getting to the point

It may sound a little unusual, but modern active speaker systems such as the Dali CALLISTO C Series allow the manufacturer not only to implement new functions, but also to carry out sound tuning. This is exactly what is now available for the Dali CALLISTO C Series and thus the models Dali CALLISTO 2C and Dali CALLISTO 6C.

Manufacturer:Dali Speaker A/S
Distribution Austria:Audiophil GbR
Distribution Germany:Dali Deutschland GmbH
Price:free firmware update

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