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Dali CALLISTO C Series available in a new finish

The active loudspeaker series Dali CALLISTO C Series is now available in a further design variant. The Dali CALLISTO 2 C and Dali CALLISTO 6 C models are now also available in the new Tabakeiche design.

Dali CALLISTO 2 C and Dali CALLISTO 6 C, these are the two models of the Dali CALLISTO C Series and thus the product series with which Dali Speaker A/S established its commitment to the wireless speaker sector.

The two speaker systems are characterised by the fact that they are essentially a complete hi-fi system in their own right, regardless of whether they are used in the form of the Dali CALLISTO 2 C bookshelf speaker system or the Dali CALLISTO 6 C floor-standing speaker system.

Dali CALLISTO 2 C and Dali CALLISTO 6 C – Wireless Active Speaker with BluOS

Both models are not only active speaker systems, in combination with the Dali Sound Hub, numerous analogue and digital inputs are available. Above all, both models can be used as a very flexible streaming system based on BluOS.

BluOS is the streaming platform that is also used in the hi-fi systems from NAD Electronics and, of course, in the Bluesound multi-room hi-res audio streaming system.

Dali Speaker A/S was one of the first partners of the technology company BluOS, which is now responsible for the development of the platform.

To cut a long story short, with the two speaker systems of the Dali CALLISTO C Series you can create an immensely flexible, impressive sounding hi-fi system with minimal effort.

New design variant tobacco oak

Dali Speaker A/S also offers a wide range of design variants for the Dali CALLISTO C Series.

Up to now the customer has been able to choose between the versions Black Ash, White, Shadow Black and Mountain Grey, but now a particularly elegant version has been added.

Dali CALLISTO 2 C Tabakeiche 01Dali CALLISTO 2 C Tabakeiche 02

The Dali CALLISTO 2 C and Dali CALLISTO 6 C models are now also available in a tobacco oak finish.

The new finish is presented on the speaker cabinet, the baffle remains unchanged in matt black in this version, which provides a very attractive contrast.

Dali CALLISTO 6 C Tabakeiche 01Dali CALLISTO 6 C Tabakeiche 02

Even if one decides to use the speaker grill, which is of course included in the scope of delivery, to protect the speaker cones, there is an appealing contrast. The speaker grill of the new version is made of a discreet grey mottled textile fabric.

Getting to the point

Especially with a solution such as the Dali CALLISTO C Series, which can rightly be described as a modern lifestyle solution, the widest possible selection of design variants is decisive. In addition to the already elegant design variants, there is now a particularly appealing one: the Dali CALLISTO 2 C and Dali CALLISTO 6 C models are now also available with a tobacco oak cabinet.

Manufacturer:Dali Speaker A/S
Distribution Austria:Audiophil GbR
Distribution Germany:Dali Deutschland GmbH
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