Audirvana Studio 1.4 and Audirvana Remote App

Audirvana Studio can now be downloaded in version Audirvana Studio 1.4, the latest update once again brings various bug fixes. In addition, the French software company has announced that the new Audirvana Remote App will be available within the next few days.

It was barely a week ago that we were able to report on the new update Audirvana Studio 1.3, and now version Audirvana Studio 1.4 is already available.

Once again, this update optimises a few minor details and corrects inconsistencies that inevitably arose during the very extensive adaptation of Audirvana Plus to Audirvana Studio.

Audirvana Studio 1.4

Audirvana, the French software company, announces that with Audirvana Studio 1.4, the audio file analysis introduced with Audirvana Studio has been optimised once again, and various minor improvements have been made to the user interface. In addition, AAC radio streams are now supported.

Audirvana Remote App for Apple iOS and Google Android

Audirvana already offered an app for Apple iOS and Google Android to go with Audirvana Plus, the so-called Audirvana Remote App.

This was intended to enable particularly simple, convenient control of the Audirvana Plus software. With the introduction of Audirvana Studio, of course, they also want to offer this, although they have not yet been able to offer a correspondingly adapted app.

However, according to the French software company, the time has come and the new Audirvana Remote App will be available for download for Apple iOS as well as Google Android.

The company promises a completely new user interface with improved functions and a new set of functionalities. Thus, this free application for smartphones and tablets should be an indispensable addition to take total control of one’s own music collection.

For Audirvana Studio customers, the Audirvana Remote app for Apple iOS and Google Androoid is to be available free of charge.

Getting to the point

Audirvana Studio was a comprehensive update of the software tool previously offered as Audirvana Plus. It is obvious that one or the other update is necessary afterwards. Currently, Audirvana Studio 1.4 is available. In addition, Audirvana has announced that the Audirvana Remote App for Apple iOS and Google Android, which has been adapted for Audirvana Studio, can be expected within the next few days.

Price:€ 6.98 per month
€ 69.98 per year
for existing customers € 49.98 in the first year
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