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The new contact fluid ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid, which the English cable specialist The Chord Company is now presenting, is designed to ensure optimum connections. The company has opted for a solution consisting of two components that eliminates existing contamination and guarantees an optimum signal flow in the long term.

Even in times of “wireless” solutions, cables are still indispensable in many areas, there is no getting around them in the end. However, cables are also a kind of “wearing part” in a certain area, after all, they are sometimes subjected to quite intensive stress when they are plugged in and unplugged, and they are of course also subject to adverse influences such as corrosion. This also applies to high-quality solutions, although not quite as bad as with cheaper products.

So it is obvious that a proven cable specialist also deals with the subject of the optimum connection with regard to corrosion prevention, after all it is in his own best interest to always create an optimum connection.

The Chord Company Ltd. has invested no less than four years in the development and testing of its latest solution for corrosion prevention and optimal signal flow, and the result of this effort is now available in the form of the new ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid.

This solution is the result of a constant effort to improve the quality of the cables, it is said, without neglecting any aspect. The interface between plug and socket is of decisive quality, as this ultimately determines the quality of the signal transmission as well as the design and construction of the cable itself.

With the new ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid, the focus is on an all-encompassing solution, i.e. the removal of possible contamination is taken care of first, so that optimum long-term protection can be applied afterwards. This contact treatment was originally developed by an industrial chemist and Andante Largo in Japan and consists of a polish or cleaning and a polymer. The ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid therefore also consists of two components: the ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid Polish and the ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid Polymer. The former is used first of all to prepare the contact surface optimally, i.e. to remove possible corrosion, but also finger grease and similar. Only then is the actual protective film applied, which, as has already been indicated, is polymer-based and is therefore intended to provide a particularly long lasting effect.

And this is one of the great advantages of the new ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid compared to similar solutions, according to the manufacturer, namely the long effective time as well as the increased contact surface that results from the polymer. According to the manufacturer, this solution is of course non-toxic, but appropriate care in handling is of course still an advantage.

The new ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid is to be available immediately from specialist dealers. The manufacturer states a recommended retail price of € 249,- for this solution.

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English cable specialist The Chord Company says it has invested no less than four years in developing and testing its latest solution for corrosion prevention and optimum signal flow, and the result of this effort is now available in the new ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid.

Manufacturer:The Chord Company
Distribution:Drei H Vertriebs GmbH
Price:€ 249,-
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