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Monitor Audio Bronze Series 6th generation – Further details known…

Just a few days ago Monitor Audio Ltd. announced that they would be launching the outstanding Monitor Audio Bronze Series in a new, sixth generation, although they were still very careful with details. But now they revealed some new facts and also presented more pictures of the new product line.

It’s understandable that Monitor Audio Ltd. is celebrating the launch of a new speaker series, especially as the current series is one of the most successful products ever from the English speaker specialist, the Monitor Audio Bronze Series.

The aforementioned Monitor Audio Bronze Series is scheduled to be launched in spring 2020 in a new generation, which according to the English is nothing less than the rebirth of a loudspeaker legend, as Monitor Audio Ltd. is promoting the new Monitor Audio Bronze Series, now in its 6th generation.

So far Monitor Audio Ltd. has kept a low profile when it comes to details of the new 6th generation of the Monitor Audio Bronze Series, but it was clear that this product line should once again be very, very broadly based in order to cover classic hi-fi and home cinema equally well.

The new Bronze Series has been intricately engineered to optimise your audio experience, whether you’re listening to your favourite album or watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

Monitor Audio Ltd.

Most importantly, Monitor Audio Ltd. promises that the new Monitor Audio Bronze Series will have a more life-like sound character than the previous generation of products. This will be achieved by combining the Monitor Audio C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter tweeter and new Monitor Audio C-CAM drivers for midrange and bass. A newly tuned crossover network is also cited as a key feature of the new model generation. In addition, the new models feature a revised design line that gives them a modern, particularly elegant look, with a focus on the White, Walnut, Urban Grey and Black versions.

The Monitor Audio Bronze 50, which is also designed as a compact loudspeaker, and the Monitor Audio Bronze 100 are the entry level models, while the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 is the smaller of the two floorstanding speaker systems, and the Monitor Audio Bronze 500 is its bigger sister. The centre speaker of the series was named Monitor Audio Bronze C150, the Monitor Audio Bronze FX is intended to function as rear speaker. For home cinema with immersive surround, the Monitor Audio Bronze AMS is available as a Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker. The Monitor Audio Bronze W10 subwoofer literally rounds off the lower end of the product range.

Monitor Audio Ltd. only wanted to provide further details at the actual product launch, which was actually expected at the High End 2020 in Munich. However, since the High End 2020 has been cancelled, the last information will probably be disclosed in mid-May 2020, shortly before the market launch, because then the new model generation of the Monitor Audio Bronze Series should actually be available in the specialized trade.

But it is already clear that the new Monitor Audio Bronze 6G Series will indeed be offered at very attractive prices. The Monitor Audio Bronze 50 will be available at a price of only € 365,- per pair, the Monitor Audio Bronze 100 will be available at a price of € 455,- per pair. The Monitor Audio Bronze 200 will cost € 775,- per pair and the Monitor Audio Bronze 500 € 1.095,-, also per pair. The Center-Speaker Monitor Audio Bronze C150 costs € 260,- each, and the dipoles Monitor Audio Bronze FX cost € 425,- per pair. The pair Monitor Audio Bronze AMS as Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker costs € 425,- and the subwoofer Monitor Audio Bronze W10 is priced at € 675,- per unit.

Getting to the Point

Not surprisingly, Monitor Audio Ltd. is pleased to announce that the new Monitor Audio Bronze Series builds on the series’ previous virtues and is the best ever introduced with numerous improvements. The initial information suggests that this is once again not an empty promise, and the new models do indeed offer improved sound quality with even more refined technical features and design.

Manufacturer:Monitor Audio Ltd.
Distribution:R.M.S. State of the Art Audiovisual Products
Germany:Pannes Vertriebs GmbH
Price:Monitor Audio Bronze 50 € 365,-
Monitor Audio Bronze 100 € 455,-
Monitor Audio Bronze 200 € 775,-
Monitor Audio Bronze 500 1.095,-
Monitor Audio Bronze C150 € 260,-
Monitor Audio Bronze FX € 425,-
Monitor Audio Bronze AMS € 425,-
Monitor Audio Bronze W10 € 675,-
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