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Cayin CS-150A
Cayin CS-150A

Cayin CS-150A Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier -New Tube Amplifier

With the new Cayin CS-150A, an integrated amplifier based on tube technology is to be made available, whereby the Cayin CS-150A is to express its extraordinary quality standards not only with its fine tube equipment but also with its noble appearance.

Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd. can point to a quite respectable range of Cayan Audio brand amplifiers, and now this range is once again being extended by a model which, according to the company, is to prove to be a particularly high-quality solution, namely the new Cayin CS-150A Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier.

The Cayin CS-150A Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier is a stereo integrated amplifier that relies consistently on the finest tube technology and, according to the manufacturer Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd., not only boasts excellent technology but also captivating aesthetics, thus emphasising the exceptional quality of the product from the very first glance.

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According to the company, the new Cayin CS-150A features selected Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB tubes for both the input stage and driver stage. In addition, four Tung-Sol KT150 or four Tung-Sol KT120 tubes are used as high-performance output stage tubes. For voltage rectification, the developers of the new Cayin CS-150A rely on four RCA 22DE4 NOS tubes.

The user can easily adjust the sound to his individual taste by means of three switches or adapt the tubes to the loudspeaker systems in use. This also includes the ability to switch between triode and ultra-linear operation. This gives the user the choice of opting for a particularly detailed, fluid, almost holographic reproduction in triode mode, or an increase in power and dynamics with controlled bass reproduction in ultra-linear mode. The output power in triode mode is already twice 55 watts, and in linear mode it is even twice 100 watts. For a thoroughbred tube amplifier, this is an almost extreme power output, the manufacturer aptly states.

A variable bias (high/standard) can also be adjusted to achieve round mid-range and bass in bias high and a particularly precise musical structure in standard.

The third option for individual adjustment is the NFB switch, which adjusts the negative feedback in two stages. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, Low can be used to select a rather soft, natural reproduction, while Low is used to select a deliberately tight and controlled performance.

The output transformers have been specially wound to meet the requirements of the new Cayin CS-150A and selected in pairs to guarantee optimum tuning.

The manufacturer states that careful point-to-point wiring was used in the Cayin CS-150A, using very high-quality shielded and silver-coated cables. Special care was also taken with the power supply unit, which is based on a powerful toroidal core transformer and thus guarantees a stable power supply with reduced output resistance and ultimately optimum performance.

The new Cayin CS-150A is also said to feature a number of comfort functions, such as the input selection memory function, which automatically activates the last selected input with the help of the amplifiers after switching on. A Soft Start circuit protects the tubes.

Both balanced and unbalanced connections are available at the inputs, providing the highest level of connectivity.

The solid casing of the Cayin CS-150A is to be painted by hand in six coats of varnish, thus visually underlining the manufacturer’s high standards. The Cayin CS-150A is available with either a silver or black front.

An infrared remote control is included in the scope of delivery, which is also to be of very high quality. Here not plastic, but rather metal is used.

The new Cayin CS-150A should already be available in specialist shops these days. The manufacturer states a recommended retail price of € 5.400,- for this new tube stereo amplifier.

Getting to the point

The Cayin CS-150A Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier is a stereo integrated amplifier that relies consistently on the finest tube technology and, according to the manufacturer Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.

Manufacturer:Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.
Distribution:Cayin Audio Distribution GmbH
Price:€ 5.400.-

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