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Cambridge Audio StreamMagic supports TIDAL Connect

TIDAL Connect is an extremely convenient way to access music streaming service content directly. Now the Cambridge Audio StreamMagic streaming platform also supports this option.

Cambridge Audio StreamMagic is the platform that the English hi-fi manufacturer Cambridge Audio has been using for its streaming systems for years. Of course, this technology platform is gradually being further developed and thus constantly expanded with new functions and possibilities.

This is exactly what Cambridge Audio is now doing again with an update that ensures that Cambridge Audio StreamMagic not only supports TIDAL as before, but also TIDAL Connect.

TIDAL Connect for direct connection

TIDAL Connect is the interface that the streaming service introduced some time ago to establish a direct connection between the streaming device and the network, so that a smartphone or tablet functions solely as a controller via the TIDAL app, and no longer as a “data supplier”.

Of course, the idea is by no means new; the competitor Spotify has been relying on Spotify Connect for a long time, whereby the similarity in the name allows conclusions to be drawn about the functionality behind it.

However, with the introduction of TIDAL Connect, appropriately equipped streaming solutions can now obtain data directly from the network during music playback, and this now also includes those systems from Cambridge Audio that are based on the Cambridge Audio StreamMagic platform.

Firmware update for the current generation of the Cambridge Audio StreamMagic platform

This includes, of course, the current generation of streaming solutions from Cambridge Audio, which are based on the latest generation of the Cambridge Audio StreamMagic platform. This includes the Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) Network Streamer and Cambridge Audio Edge NQ Network Preamplifier.

Also for older systems

It is interesting, however, that Cambridge Audio does not limit the support of TIDAL Connect to the latest generation of the Cambridge Audio StreamMagic platform, but also includes older systems, some of which have been on the market for many, many years.

This means that users of the Cambridge Audio Azur 851N, Cambridge Audio CXN and Cambridge Audio StreamMagic 6 (V2) as well as the AV receivers Cambridge Audio CXR120 and Cambridge Audio CXR200 can also benefit from TIDAL Connect. However, for the two aforementioned AV receivers, the corresponding update will probably only be available in the course of April 2021.

Getting to the point

Once again Cambridge Audio delivers an update for its platform Cambridge Audio StreamMagic and with it all current solutions that are based on it, namely for the direct support of TIDAL via TIDAL Connect. It should be emphasised that this update is not only available for the latest generation of the Cambridge Audio StreamMagic platform, but also for solutions that have been on the market for many, many years.

Manufacturer:Cambridge Audio
Distribution Austria:Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution Germany:Cambridge Audio
Price:free firmware update
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