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Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS – Gaming headset in new edition

Bang & Olufsen describes the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal, which was first presented last year, as gaming headphones and is now available in a new edition as Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal is a pair of headphones designed specifically for gamers. Bang & Olufsen first presented this solution a year ago, in a version that focused on Microsoft’s XBox. Now, however, Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal is being offered in a new edition, as the company notes, speaking of the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS as nothing less than an ultimate sound solution for gamers playing on PC, Sony PlayStation or mobile devices.

The new version, according to the manufacturer, is now fully compatible with PCs, Sony PlayStation consoles as well as mobile devices. The company said it has achieved a significant expansion of connectivity to the world’s leading platforms.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS – Unique combination of gaming and everyday suitability

Bang & Olufsen also explicitly points out that the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS is not only suitable for gaming, but also for everyday use.

This applies in particular to the new edition Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS, which also has an improved battery life of up to 42 hours due to the improved connectivity already mentioned, especially in conjunction with a new wireless dongle.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS is thus the ultimate complete audio solution, Bang & Olufsen is convinced.

Designed for gaming, designed for life

Admittedly, this description seems a bit exaggerated, in our opinion, but Bang & Olufsen wants to emphasize once again that the new edition of the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS is intended to be a flexible system, even if the focus is still on gaming.

And indeed, many features that are relevant for games are also of interest for everyday use, such as music enjoyment, which is always undisturbed by external influences thanks to high-quality drivers in combination with Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation Technology.

Outstanding sound quality with Dolby Atmos for Headphones

The new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS has been tuned by Bang & Olufsen’s renowned sound engineers, they say, and offers a sound experience that delivers extremely rich detail and nuance. Two custom-made 40 mm drivers with neodymium magnets ensure precise and faithful sound reproduction. And with Dolby Atmos for Headphones, the headphones also offer virtualized surround sound, which is said to add depth and texture to games, movies and music.

Optimal voice quality through Virtual Boom Arm and Own Voice function

The special features for the best possible voice quality are of course not only relevant for gaming, but also when you want to make phone calls or video calls with the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS, be it in a noisy office environment, on the road, or in the home office. Such features are also very important for home learning and home schooling.

For example, the manufacturer of the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS speaks of an array of beamforming microphones that isolate and amplify the user’s speech, while effectively filtering out and thus suppressing background noise. A Virtual Boom Arm is used here, which makes a physical microphone arm, as is common with many headsets, obsolete.

A special feature in this context is the Own Voice function. This allows the user to hear their own voice, while external noise is masked out. This is supposed to ensure a much more natural experience during conversations.

Flexible connectivity

The high connectivity naturally also speaks for the flexible use of the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS, whereby Bluetooth will naturally be the preferred connection method in everyday life.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS offers wireless 2.4 GHz connectivity for PC and Sony PlayStation, making it the ultimate audio solution for the world’s most popular gaming platforms, the manufacturer is convinced. Thanks to dual audio streaming, the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal is designed for straightforward and advanced connectivity – whether playing games, listening to music or making phone calls.

The introduction of a new wireless dongle allows for faster connection to PC, Sony PlayStation or any other device with USB-C input, as well as a seamless transition between wireless and wired use. With mobile gaming becoming more prevalent in the market, the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS has also been designed for these users with Bluetooth 5.1 with support for aptX as well as aptX Adaptive for gaming on the go.

  • Foto © Bang & Olufsen | Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS
  • Foto © Bang & Olufsen | Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS
  • Foto © Bang & Olufsen | Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS
  • Foto © Bang & Olufsen | Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS
  • Foto © Bang & Olufsen | Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS
  • Foto © Bang & Olufsen | Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS

Long battery life – up to 42 hours…

By the way, the company particularly emphasizes the long battery life of the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS, which is stated to be up to 42 hours.

Specifically, this means that with the lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 120 mAh

up to 19 hours with wireless and Active Noise Cancelling, and 42 hours with Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling. Charging is via a USB-C interface, with the battery said to have returned to full capacity after just two hours.

“Since its launch in March 2021, the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal has won multiple awards and opened Bang & Olufsen’s access to a new consumer group. The new edition targets additional platforms, allowing us to strengthen our ties with the gaming community and welcome more people to the B&O family. Combining premium sound, unparalleled style and seamless connectivity, the Beoplay Portal is the ideal solution for consumers who want to cover all application areas with a single pair of headphones. We are very excited to build on the initial success and continue our expansion in the gaming space.”

Dorte Vestergaard, Category Director at Bang & Olufsen

Pricing and availability

The new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS is already expected to be available at retailers immediately. The recommended retail price is stated at € 499. Customers can choose between Black Anthracite, Grey Mist and Navy finishes.

Getting to the point

The Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal or Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS is a clear indication that gaming is no longer just a youth issue, but has long since arrived in the middle of society. It’s the kids of the 1980s and 1990s who grew up with PCs and game consoles and now, even at an older age, don’t want to do without them, but are relying on upscale lifestyle solutions such as one from Bang & Olufsen. A product like the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal PS headset fits perfectly, especially since it can be used flexibly in everyday life.

Price€ 499,-
ManufacturerBang & Olufsen
DistributionBang & Olufsen
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