Audirvāna Studio 2.3 - New features around genre sorting

It is an update that has a little more in store than a usual service release. As of now, Audirvāna SAS offers Audirvāna Studio 2.3 as well as Audirvāna Origin 2.3, focusing on music genres in addition to various detail improvements and small corrections.

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  • With the latest update Audirvāna Studio 2.3 as well as Audirvāna Origin 2.3, Audirvāna SAS dedicates itself first and foremost to the genre view.

With Audirvāna Studio 2.3, the software solution from the French software company Audirvāna SAS has once again developed into a very universal tool that is not only designed for particularly high-quality playback of audio data, but also for its flexible management.

So what initially started many years ago as a pure tool for impeccable signal processing is now a very comprehensive management and playback programme that is also exemplarily cherished and maintained by its developers.

Audirvāna Studio 2.3 – New view by genre in the local media library

With Audirvāna Studio, you can already view the contents of your own media library sorted by various criteria and – and this is particularly important to emphasise – also edit these contents.

With the new Audirvāna Studio 2.3, the developers are now focusing on genres and are equipping the view of the local media library with a corresponding selection. If you select a certain genre in the list displayed, all the corresponding albums or only titles are shown. Audirvāna SAS sees this as a useful addition to the previous filters.

It is now also possible to edit genres for several tracks or albums very easily directly via the metadata editor of the software; the changes are of course saved as ID3 tags in the files.

Various other detailed improvements

Of course, Audirvāna Studio 2.3 also includes further detail improvements and small corrections. For example, the developers highlight new functions in the interaction with UPnP streaming clients, and data synchronisation with connected streaming services is said to have been improved once again.

Prices and availability

The new version Audirvāna Studio 2.3 is available for download now. The same changes also apply to Audirvāna Origin 2.3, which Audirvāna SAS offers as an alternative to the subscription-based Audirvāna Studio. The update is free for existing customers.

Getting to the point

With Audirvāna Studio 2.3, Audirvāna SAS is giving the software for Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows new options for structuring your own media library according to genre. This may only be a detail on the side, but it is ultimately another building block for the software from France to establish itself more and more as a very universal tool for the management and playback of audio data.

PriceAudirvāna Studio 2 monthly payment € 6,98 per month
Audirvāna Studio 2 subscription with annual payment € 69,98 per year
Audirvāna Origin 2 € 119,99
ManufacturerAudirvana SAS
DistributionAudirvana SAS
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