Audirvana Studio 1.7 – Equipped for Apple MacOS 12 and Microsoft Windows 11

The universal software tool Audirvana Studio has now received a new update: Audirvana Studio 1.7 is now available. The new version contains a number of detailed improvements and is already ready for Microsoft Windows 11 and Apple MacOS 12.

Audirvana Studio 1.7 is the latest version of the flexible media management and playback tool from the French software company Audirvana SAS, which is now available as a free download for existing users.

Once again, this new version of Audirvana Studio offers a number of improvements in detail, but what really stands out is that this version is now ready for the upcoming new versions of the Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

Audirvana Studio 1.7 ready for Microsoft Windows 11 and Apple macOS 12

After the software of the French developer forge was initially designed as Audirvana for Apple MacOS alone, it has been dedicated equally to Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS for years.

The extended version Audirvana Studio was designed for both important platforms on desktop systems from the very beginning, whereby the developers were always careful to ensure that their solution was ready for upcoming generation changes in operating systems.

This is also the case now, as Audirvana SAS promises that the new version Audirvana Studio 1.7 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 11 as well as Apple macOS 12, codenamed Monterey.

The other innovations and detail improvements that Audirvana Studio 1.7 brings with it, however, naturally concern the still current platforms Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple macOS 11.6 Big Sur.

Foto © Audirvana SAS | Audirvana Studio 1.7
Foto © Audirvana SAS | Audirvana Studio 1.7

Large Fonts Display

One of these is Large Fonts Display, an option that can be selected on both platforms via the settings, and here via the item Display. The software now distinguishes between a standard display and the new large display, which actually improves readability drastically.

Speaking of display, various display problems are said to have been solved with the new version, and the list display of the software has also been optimised.

Foto © Audirvana SAS | Audirvana Studio 1.7
Foto © Audirvana SAS | Audirvana Studio 1.7

Some further improvements

The Audirvana Studio software is said to have no problems with stability even with defective FLAC files, i.e. it is said to be able to catch them better.

Playback control when upsampling to high resolutions is also said to be much more accurate than before.

Getting to the point

Audirvana SAS does not deliver any really earth-shattering innovations with Audirvana Studio 1.7, rather it is a further service release that prepares the software for the upcoming new generations of operating systems, be it Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS 12.

Manufacturer:Audirvana SAS
Distribution:Audirvana SAS
Price:€ 6.98 per month
€ 69.98 per year
for existing customers € 49.98 in the first year
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