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Arcam – 5 Systemes now Roon-ready

With immediate effect, a large number of systems from the English hi-fi manufacturer A & R Cambridge Ltd. are Roon-ready. This applies to the Arcam AVR10, Arcam AVR20 and Arcam AVR30 systems, as well as the Arcam AV40 in the home cinema sector, and the Arcam SA30 and Arcam Solo Uno.

Roon-ready, this feature is gaining more and more importance, after all, the media management and multi-room audio streaming solution Roon by the software forge Roon Labs LLC. has long been considered a kind of standard in the upscale hi-fi segment.

One of the reasons for Roon’s success is probably that Roon Labs LLC. has relied on a partner programme with hardware producers from the very beginning. The aim was to ensure that the company’s own software works as smoothly as possible with a wide range of streaming systems, guaranteeing bit-perfect streaming via these solutions, and without any special effort for the set-up.

Within a very short time, many manufacturers were convinced of this concept.

However, over the months it became apparent that not all manufacturers were always quite as precise with the procedures actually specified by Roon Labs LLC. to achieve Roon-ready certification. In many cases, systems were already designated as Roon-ready, even though the certification had not been finally completed. To be fair, it must be mentioned that Roon Labs LLC. itself was relatively lax in its handling of the matter. For both sides, as many systems as possible that were designated as Roon-ready were of decisive advantage for marketing.

Only when Roon Labs LLC. realised that something was threatening to get out of hand, they pulled the emergency brake and suddenly rejected all systems that were not really fully certified as Roon-ready, with a grace period but quite quickly, as unsupported solutions – reported.

This put many manufacturers under pressure and they had to react accordingly. It is therefore not surprising that now almost every day it is announced that systems may now be designated as Roon-ready, and this time definitely and as prescribed by the partner programme of Roon Labs LLC.

This now also applies to the English hi-fi manufacturer A & R Cambridge Ltd. and its Arcam brand solutions.

In one fell swoop, numerous systems from the English company can now actually be designated as Roon-ready.

This applies to the AV solutions Arcam AVR10, Arcam AVR20 and Arcam AVR30 in the field of AV receivers, but also to the AV processor Arcam AV40.

The stereo integrated amplifier with integrated streaming client of the Arcam HDA range, the Arcam SA30 Class G Intelligent Integrated Amplifier, can now also be addressed as Roon-ready directly in Roon, as well as the versatile and truly unique tiny device from England, the Arcam Solo Uno.

Getting to the point

What lasts long… Now A & R Cambridge Ltd. can also announce that a large number of streaming solutions are fully certified as Roon-ready. This concerns important products in the AV segment as well as classic stereo components from the English company.

Manufacturer:A & R Cambridge Ltd.
Distribution:R.M.S. State of the Art Audiovisual Products
Price:free firmware update
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