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Advance Paris MyConnect 250 – The flagship all-in-one system

The latest addition to the Advance Paris MyConnect Series, the Advance Paris MyConnect 250, is said to be a true all-rounder and thus a worthy representative of the increasingly popular Just add Speakers Device product group.

Advance Paris MyConnect 250 is another all-in-one system from the Advance Paris MyConnect Series, a product line that has proven to be extremely flexible, compact systems from the very beginning. The special feature of the latest addition is that it is intended to be a worthy flagship of this product line, thus distinguishing itself with fine sound as well as versatility for maximum flexibility in the usual small form factor.

Advance Paris MyConnect 250 – The perfect all-in-one solution

Advance Paris calls the new Advance Paris MyConnect 250 a perfect all-in-one system, a flexible multi-talent in a noble design, whereby one can add that one is dealing here with another worthy representative of the genre that is called just add speaker devices.

The new Advance Paris MyConnect 250 offers everything you can expect from a modern hi-fi system in a compact form, the only thing missing here is a pair of speaker systems as a crowning touch.

“It should be hard to find a more flexible multi-talent like the MyConnect 250, even with a long and time-consuming search – especially if you take its technical refinements and performance into account.”

Quadral GmbH, Distribution of Advance Paris in Germany
Foto © Advance Paris | Advance Paris MyConnect 250
Foto © Advance Paris | Advance Paris MyConnect 250

The audiophile, powerful all-in-one hybrid amplifier

At the heart of the new Advance Paris MyConnect 250 is a so-called hybrid amplifier, which combines the advantages of tube and transistor technology to achieve an optimal overall result.

The Advance Paris MyConnect 250 has a tube preamplifier, which is supposed to provide the finest natural sound, whereas the transistor power amplifier in Class A/B offers pure power. Specifically, it delivers two times 180 watts to speaker systems with an impedance of 8 ohms and even two times 280 watts with an impedance of only 4 ohms.

Sufficient power is ensured first and foremost by a solid power supply built around two toroidal transformers – one for each channel.

Loudspeaker systems can be connected via six pairs of screw terminals, so up to three zones can be served.

Foto © Advance Paris | Advance Paris MyConnect 250
Foto © Advance Paris | Advance Paris MyConnect 250

Abundantly equipped with inputs and outputs

The Advance Paris MyConnect 250 has an astonishingly large number of connections. For analogue sources alone, there are five pairs of RCA jacks as unbalanced and two pairs of XLRs for balanced sources.

In addition, there is a phono preamplifier that is equipped for turntables with MM and MC cartridge systems. It should be emphasised that the phono preamplifier can even be adapted to the different cartridge systems to a certain extent.

Via a Pre Out, a Rec Out as well as an Amp In, you can integrate external solutions as well as subwoofers, whereby two outputs are available on the back of the Advance Paris MyConnect 250. The crossover frequency can be switched separately between 75 Hz and 150 Hz for each of the two outputs.

The Advance Paris MyConnect 250 is also well equipped for digital sources, with three optical and three coaxial S/PDIF interfaces and an HDMI output with ARC (Audio Return Channel) support plus another HDMI input on the back of the unit.

As if that were not enough, a PC or Mac can be connected via a USB-B port and corresponding storage media via a USB-A port.

Bluetooth is only available as an option, by upgrading with Advance Paris X-FTB01 or Advance Paris X-FTB02. However, in addition to SBC and AAC, these also support aptX and aptX HD and thus signal transmission in hi-res audio with at least 24 bits and 48 kHz.

Foto © Advance Paris | Advance Paris MyConnect 250
Foto © Advance Paris | Advance Paris MyConnect 250

Streaming via Ethernet or WiFi

Streaming is nevertheless available ex works, namely via UPnP as a dlna-certified streaming client, whereby the new Advance Paris MyConnect 250 is integrated into the network by cable via an Ethernet interface or the integrated WiFi module.

Advance Paris also provides a suitable app for this purpose, namely the Advance PlayStream app for Google Android and Apple iOS. With its help, you can not only play your own content, but also content from TIDAL, Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer and Internet Radio via vTuner. Speaking of Spotify, thanks to Spotify Connect, the Advance Paris MyConnect 250 can also be controlled directly via the Spotify app.

By the way, the signal processing is done by a D/A converter from Texas Instruments, namely a DAC of the type TI PCM 1796.

It should also be mentioned that the Advance Paris MyConnect 250 has an integrated headphone amplifier, which is accessible via a 6.3 mm stereo jack as well as a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack directly on the front, and which can be adjusted to the different headphones via a selector switch on the back regarding impedance and efficiency.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that the new Advance Paris MyConnect 250 also has 12 V trigger connections, so that it can be controlled centrally in conjunction with other components.

Integrated CD Player and Tuner for DAB and FM

As a true all-in-one system, the new Advance Paris MyConnect 250 is not limited to external sources and streaming, it also has an integrated CD player, with the drive tray centrally located on the front below a viewing window that gives a clear view of the preamplifier’s tubes.

This viewing window is flanked by two illuminated VU meters, each with a display underneath. These two displays always show the most important information in a clearly readable way.

Of course, there are two aluminium rotary encoders, one for selecting the source, the other for controlling the volume. Between these two rotary encoders are a number of buttons for controlling the drive, which are also made of aluminium and, like the rotary encoders, form an attractive contrast to the high-gloss black front panel.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the new Advance Paris MyConnect 250 also offers radio, namely a tuner that is equipped for FM as well as DAB.

Full-width All-in-One

In contrast to other all-in-one systems, the new Advance Paris MyConnect 250 is not quite as compact, but of course this has to be seen in the light of the solid performance and the enormous variety of interfaces offered here.

The new Advance Paris MyConnect 250 measures 43 cm in width, 45.5 cm in depth and 19.5 cm in height. This means that it weighs 18,6 kg.

Prices and availability

The new Advance Paris MyConnect 250 should be available from specialist dealers immediately. Of course, a matching infrared remote control is included in the scope of delivery. The recommended retail price is € 2.990,-.

Getting to the point

The new Advance Paris MyConnect 250 is the flagship of the Advance Paris MyConnect Series, an all-in-one system that has standard hi-fi dimensions instead of particularly compact dimensions such as micro hi-fi or even just midi hi-fi, but offers impressive performance in hybrid amplifier technology and enormous versatility with an integrated CD player, tuner for DAB and FM, streaming via network, an integrated phono preamplifier and a headphone amplifier, as well as numerous analogue and digital interfaces. No wonder Advance Paris calls this the most powerful and versatile system in the Advance Paris MyConnect Series to date.

Price€ 2.990,-
BrandAdvance Paris
ManufacturerAdvance Acoustic
Distribution AustriaStyria HiFi
Distribution Germanyquadral GmbH & Co. KG.
Distribution SwitzerlandFidelity-Sound AG
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