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VU-Meter display for Cambridge Audio EVO Series and Cambridge Audio CXN100

With the help of a free firmware update, the Cambridge Audio EVO Series solutions, the Cambridge Audio EVO 75 and Cambridge Audio EVO 150 models, as well as the Cambridge Audio CXN100 now have a VU meter display and other features.

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  • New firmware is now available for the Cambridge Audio EVO Series systems and the Cambridge Audio CXN100.

We have already reported that the English HiFi manufacturer Cambridge Audio has a small, but probably for many very nice surprise up its sleeve. During the presentation of the Cambridge Audio EVO 150 DeLorean Edition, it was revealed that this special version of the Cambridge Audio EVO Series could boast a VU meter display, among other things. This feature was not to be withheld from users of the regular versions and a corresponding firmware update was announced – reported.

This firmware update is now available, not only for the Cambridge Audio EVO 75 and Cambridge Audio EVO 150 solutions, but also for the Cambrideg Audio CXN100 Network Player, and in addition to the promised VU meters, the new firmware brings many other innovations and improvements to details.

Press the info button – cover artwork, VU meter or digital clock

First and foremost, of course, is the aforementioned VU meter display, which many users have been looking forward to and which is now available with the latest firmware. This is easy to access, simply by pressing the Info button on the front of the device.

This button can also be used to activate another function, namely a digital clock, both of which are available as an alternative to displaying the cover artwork during playback.

Cambridge Audio itself describes the design of the VU meters as a retro touch, relying on the style of analogue pointer instruments to give the Cambridge Audio EVO 75, Cambridge Audio EVO 150 and Cambridge Audio CXN100 solutions a special charm.

Now full support for Hi-res audio via TIDAL Connect

The new firmware update also includes other important new features, such as the now unrestricted use of TIDAL Connect including Hi-res Audio.

Unfortunately, updates of this kind have to be made time and again, as streaming providers such as TIDAL are constantly tinkering with the interfaces for implementing their services in third-party software and hardware.

Other protocols such as Apple AirPlay or Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast and even Bluetooth are of course also constantly being updated and optimised by Cambridge Audio, as the English HiFi manufacturer emphasises.

New preset management and variable outputs

With the new app version, the Cambridge Audio StreamMagic app, the presets and the transfer of played tracks to playlists are easier to manage than before, as Cambridge Audio reports.

Cambridge Audio already introduced an additional volume control function for the analogue outputs in an earlier firmware version. Using the Cambridge StreamMagic app, all compatible network players such as the Cambridge AXN10 and the Cambridge Audio MXN10 can be switched to variable output volume and now serve as digital preamplifiers. In the Cambridge Audio EVO Series and Cambridge Audio CXN Series models, this function has been implemented from the outset, as mentioned for the sake of completeness.

Prices and availability

The new firmware for the Cambridge Audio EVO Series solutions and the Cambridge Audio CXN100 is now available free of charge. Provided that these systems are connected to the network, the new firmware can be installed within a few minutes at the touch of a button in the corresponding menus; this is an over-the-air firmware update.

Getting to the point

Yes, it may not be a really essential new feature, but some users will be very happy about it, namely the possibility of a VU meter display now implemented in the Cambridge Audio EVO Series solutions and the Cambridge Audio CXN100 from Cambridge Audio by means of new firmware. With the help of the new firmware, the implementation of TIDAL Connect has also been improved once again and many other detailed improvements have been made.

PRODUCTFirmware-Update for Cambridge Audio EVO Series and Cambridge Audio CXN100
PriceCambridge Audio Evo 75 € 1.999,-
Cambridge Audio Evo 150 € 2.499,-
Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player € 1.049,-
ManufacturerCambridge Audio
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyCambridge Audio
Distribution SwitzerlandLakeside Audio SA
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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