Ultrasone Signature Master, Ultrasone Signature Natural and Ultrasone Signature Pulse

The Bavarian company Ultrasone AG presents three new models in the Ultrasone Signature Series, namely the Ultrasone Signature Master, Ultrasone Signature Natural and Ultrasone Signature Pulse solutions. All three are characterised by the new Ultrasone S-Logic 3 Technology.

The Bavarian company Ultrasone AG is now presenting three headphone models that are especially suitable for professional use as part of the Ultrasone Signature Series. The Ultrasone Signature Master, Ultrasone Signature Natural and Ultrasone Signature Pulse models, however, are also intended for demanding hi-fi gourmets, the company adds.

All three headphones are characterised by one feature in particular: they are the first solutions in which the headphone specialist from Gut Raucherberg relies on the latest generation of an outstanding technology, the Ultrasone S-Logic 3 Technology.

Leading supplier in the pro audio sector

Ultrasone AG has always been regarded as a proven specialist for particularly high-quality headphone solutions. They have been able to establish an impeccable reputation in the pro audio segment in particular, and this is guaranteed to be no easy feat.

Especially in professional use in the recording studio, users set particularly strict standards when it comes to choosing the right solution. Here, the focus is just as much on an unmistakably accurate reproduction as on a high level of wearing comfort, because after all, headphones are used here first and foremost to be able to make the best possible assessment during recordings, mixing or mastering. Since these are tasks that extend over many, many hours, headphones are required that are equally comfortable to wear and do not unduly fatigue the hearing.

This is where Ultrasone S-Logic Technology comes in. As already described, it is now available in the latest, third generation as Ultrasone S-Logic 3 Technology.

Ultrasone S-Logic 3 Technology with DDF Technology

As before, Ultrasone S-Logic 3 Technology is based on offset drivers. These are also installed at a slight angle in the ear cups of the headphones, so that the sound does not predominantly penetrate directly into the auditory canal, but rather includes the user’s outer ear in the acoustic concept.

The user is thus presented with a performance that is much more like that of a conventional loudspeaker system and thus ensures a much more accurate reproduction of depth and spatiality. Instruments and voices can be perceived much more clearly and their position in the room better located. The overall reproduction of detail is thus immensely improved.

At the same time, significantly lower levels are possible in order to achieve a coherent sound image, so that the user’s hearing is significantly protected in the long term and fatigue-free listening is possible even over many hours.

With the third generation of Ultrasone S-Logic Technology, this has been refined even further with the so-called DDF Technology.

Double Deflector Fins, or DDF for short, are used here, which have a fin-like shape and distribute the sound directly at the driver to enable even more realistic sound dispersion.

It is obvious that this new generation of technology, which is essential for Ultrasone AG, is being introduced for the first time in solutions aimed at professional users.

Ultrasone Signature MASTER 01

Ultrasone Signature Master – The monitoring reference

The new Ultrasone Signature Master from Ultrasone AG is intended to be the ultimate monitoring reference for recording studios with the highest demands.

With its 40-millimetre titanium mylar diaphragm, the manufacturer claims that it delivers a similar sound fidelity as the reference headphones of the Ultrasone Edition Series, but relies on extremely resistant plastic for its closed housing, which can easily withstand tough studio use.

The comfortable ear pads of the reference headphones, which are handmade in Germany, automatically adapt to the shape of the head, and the new Ultrasone S-Logic 3 Technology ensures an accurate assessment of the spatial distribution of different sound events.

At the same time, the principle allows a significant reduction of the listening level, which, together with the so-called Ultrasone ULE technology for shielding magnetic beams, ensures sustainably healthy work even over long periods of time. The genuine gold-plated nameplate of the Ultrasone Signature Master identifies its owner as a true audiophile gourmet with a sense for lasting values, the company is convinced.

Ultrasone Signature NATURAL 01

Ultrasone Signature Natural – For mobile use

Modern mobile devices make music production location-independent, and the new Ultrasone Signature Natural is designed to accommodate precisely this special way of working.

Its ultra-stable closed plastic housing effortlessly absorbs even hard knocks and allows undisturbed music enjoyment even in noisy environments. Thanks to the titanium Mylar diaphragm, its frequency response reaches up to 40 kHz, so that even the finest overtone structures can be experienced directly.

The Ultrasone developers maintained a permanent exchange with musicians and sound professionals from all over the world in order to adapt the new Ultrasone Signature Natural as best as possible to the requirements of the most modern productions.

First and foremost, a particularly low impedance of just 32 ohms was at the top of the list of specifications, so that the headphones can also be used with the headphone outputs of smartphones and laptops without losing their reference qualities.

Of course, the new Ultrasone S-Logic 3 Technology also ensures a particularly pronounced three-dimensionality.

The real metal nameplate in noble silver radiates discreet noblesse and makes the professional working device a timeless gem of lasting value.

Ultrasone Signature PULSE 01

Ultrasone Signature Pulse – Club Culture…

DJ-ing has long since established itself as an art form in its own right, according to Ultrasone AG. As an innovative company with its finger on the pulse, it naturally wants to serve this sector with high-quality solutions, and the new Ultrasone Signature Pulse is intended to be just the right tool in this segment.

With the Ultrasone Signature Pulse, Ultrasone AG has a new headphone that proves, not least with the Ultrasone S-Logic 3 Technology, that you don’t have to do without reference quality in the club.

Even though its rotating ear cups and robust housing make it a practical tool, the bronze-coloured metal nameplate shows what it is: a genuine headphone from the Ultrasone AG manufacture – handmade in the heart of Bavaria from sustainable materials, it delivers a sound quality that deserves the name Signature in every respect. Demanding artists should not settle for less, according to Ultrasone AG.

Packaged” in a manner befitting their status

The new Ultrasone Signature headphones, Ultrasone Signature Master, Ultrasone Signature Natural and Ultrasone Signature Pulse, are to be delivered in a fundamentally revised product packaging that unmistakably indicates a noble manufacture product.

At the same time, the new boxes embody in an exemplary manner the philosophy of the Bavarians as a sustainably operating company with a high sense of responsibility for environmental and climate protection: they are not only durable and resistant, but also fully recyclable and made of renewable materials.

Ultrasone Signature Master, Ultrasone Signature Natural and Ultrasone Signature Pulse available as of summer

The new models are expected to be available from specialist retailers from summer 2021. Those who are enthusiastic about the Ultrasone Signature Master will have to budget € 949 for it, the Ultrasone Signature Natural is to be offered at a price of € 649 and the Ultrasone Signature Pulse at € 549.

Getting to the point

With three new models in the Ultrasone Signature Series, specially designed for professional use, Ultrasone is introducing a significantly enhanced version of the award-winning Ultrasone S-Logic Technology. This is already the third generation and thus the new Ultrasone S-Logic 3 Technology, and it ensures that the new models Ultrasone Signature Master, Ultrasone Signature Natural and Ultrasone Signature Pulse have an even more detailed sound image and a three-dimensionality that was previously only achievable with high-quality speakers.

Manufacturer:Ultrasone AG
Distribution:Ultrasone AG
Price:Ultrasone Signature Pulse € 549,-
Ultrasone Signature Natural € 649,-
Ultrasone Signature Master € 949,-

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