Ultrasone AG announces product offensive and new website

In a few days, Ultrasone AG’s website is to present itself in new splendour and form the information platform for the Bavarian headphone specialist’s upcoming product offensive in 2021.

Ultrasone AG is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, as reported. This is being taken as an opportunity to redesign the company’s appearance, namely in the form of a new website.

This new website will also be the starting signal for a product offensive this year.

Ultrasone AG – 30 years of innovation in audio technologies

The Bavarian company has always seen itself as a technology-driven manufacturer. When developing new solutions, the focus is always on innovative audio technologies.

Ultrasone S-Logic technology in the third generation

For 30 years, the Ultrasone S-Logic technology has been an essential feature of all headphones. The sound transducers are arranged in a staggered manner, so that a better three-dimensionality and a more appealing sound is achieved. In addition, the user’s hearing is protected, as natural reproduction is guaranteed even at low levels.

But this technology is only one of many that the company, based at the Raucherberg estate, has developed over the decades.

Over 100 patent applications

Ultrasone AG can boast more than 100 patent applications, a rich treasure trove of technologies and experience on which the developers can build, also in the development of the latest solutions that will be presented this year as part of the product offensive already mentioned.

For example, the company states that a patent application has already been filed for the third generation of Ultrasone S-Logic technology, the Ultrasone S-Logic 3 technology.

Product offensive for hi-fi enthusiasts and professional users

Ultrasone AG has always been active in two areas, namely in the hi-fi segment as well as in the professional environment. They announced that this year’s product offensive will offer solutions for both target groups, whereby the areas are quite close to each other anyway and many a solution is designed for both target groups.

However, it is not yet time to go public with the innovations; for the time being, the essential basis is being created in the form of a completely redesigned website.

Completely redesigned Ultrasone AG website

In the next few days, the company’s website will present itself in a completely new look, according to the Bavarians’ promise.

A modern and clear design will be the focus, as well as a detailed description of the products and the underlying technologies. It is promised that the new website with its appealing layout and intuitive navigation will set just as high standards as the headphones from the Raucherberg estate.

Getting to the point

It is probably the most exciting way to celebrate a round anniversary with new products. Just as the Bavarian headphone specialist Ultrasone AG intends to do. What’s more, the company has even announced a product offensive, focusing on both hi-fi enthusiasts and professional users. In keeping with this, the website of the company from Gut Raucherberg in Wielenbach will be presented in a completely new look in a few days.

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