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Thorens Absorber Base – Highly Effective Decoupling

Thorens GmbH offers a number of exciting solutions in its range of accessories, including the so-called Thorens Absorber Base. This is to provide a solution for highly effective decoupling for record players.

With the Thorens Absorber Base, the German company Thorens GmbH offers an extremely exciting solution for all vinyl lovers, and not only those who call a turntable from Bergisch Gladbach their own.

As the name suggests, it is a so-called absorber platform whose task is to guarantee a particularly effective decoupling in the simplest way.

Thorens Absorber Base – Correct set-up

Record players in particular are immensely “sensitive” when it comes to the “correct” placement. Depending on the model, the base on which the turntable is enthroned is even decisive for the performance of the entire system.

The range of accessories for appropriate absorber platforms is accordingly large on the market, and manufacturers of record players also offer such solutions.

Like the company Thorens GmbH, for example, which claims to offer a highly effective decoupling platform with the Thorens Absorber Base.

This solution is not really new, already in November 2019 Thorens GmbH announced the Thorens TAB 1600 Absorber Base as the right foundation for record players, at that time, however, as an optimal accessory for the Thorens TD 1600 as well as Thorens TD 1601 turntables.

Now, however, this solution is presented in a more versatile way, namely as the aforementioned Thorens Absorber Base, thus underlining even more clearly that this is a product that is aimed at users with a wide variety of turntables, and not just these two record players from their own production.

  • Foto © Thorens GmbH | Thorens Absorber Base
  • Foto © Thorens GmbH | Thorens Absorber Base
  • Foto © Thorens GmbH | Thorens Absorber Base

Sandwich construction

To achieve optimal decoupling with the Thorens Absorber Base, a base plate made of MDF is used, which is additionally damped with a fabric layer. In sandwich construction, an acoustic foam is added, a unique combination, according to Thorens GmbH, that guarantees highly efficient decoupling and thus prevents acoustic feedback.

The Thorens Absorber Base measures 450 mm in width, 378 mm in depth, and has a height of 45 mm. It is therefore quite an impressive construction, weighing in at 2.45 kg.

Price and availability

The Thorens Absorber Base is already available in specialised shops, but first of all also directly in the new online store of Thorens GmbH. This solution is completely black, thus very neutral and timelessly elegant. The recommended retail price is stated at € 169.

Getting to the point

Originally, Thorens GmbH presented the solution now offered as Thorens Absorber Base as TAB 1600 Absorber Base, thus placing it in direct connection with its own Thorens TD 1600 and Thorens TD 1601 turntables. Now, the focus is on the much more flexible use with a variety of turntables and therefore the new name Thorens Absorber Base is used.

Price€ 169,-
ManufacturerThorens GmbH
DistributionThorens GmbH
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