Technics SL-1500C-W Direct Drive Turntable - Now also in Matt White

Silver and black, so far these were the design variants in which vinyl enthusiasts could purchase the Technics SL-1500C turntable. The extensively equipped record player, designed as a direct drive, is to appear in the middle of the year as a further option in matt white, in the form of the Technics SL-1500C-W.

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  • Matte white, that's how the latest design variant of a classic from the house of Technics, the Technics SL-1500C-W, presents itself.

It is considered one of the most outstanding turntables, after all, it represents the latest edition of a legendary concept, the Technics SL-1500C. This is a record player in the form of a so-called direct drive, the speciality of the Technics brand, which is now coming onto the market with the new Technics SL-1500C-W in a further design variant.

Until now, vinyl enthusiasts who were keen on the Technics SL-1500C could choose between black and silver versions, but with the new Technics SL-1500C-W, a variant in matt white is now also available.

Technics SL-1500C-W – The wish of many record lovers

According to the Japanese high-end hi-fi manufacturer Technics, it is the wish of many record lovers that is now being fulfilled with the new Technics SL-1500C-W, and with it a further design variant of the extremely successful Technics SL-1500C record player.

“Our recent experiences with limited special models clearly show that the response to additional colour variants – especially for record players – is enormous. Many users want chic colour variants, especially with regard to modern home interiors, and especially for products with a straightforward, minimalist design. The new bright white tone underlines the clear, restrained design of the SL-1500C, which only carries the most necessary controls for a turntable.”

Frank Balzuweit, Senior Product Manager for Technics Europe

White, especially matt white, can indeed be called the new trend colour in the world of upmarket consumer electronics. Loudspeaker systems in particular, but also many an amplifier and of course record players from other manufacturers are repeatedly offered in matt white and are especially popular with design-oriented customers.

Technics SL-1500C-W – Ready to play right away

Of course, the new Technics SL-1500C-W also relies on an iron-core-less motor, which, in combination with high-quality control electronics, ensures the highest precision in speed and thus particularly accurate reproduction. According to Technics, this precision can only be achieved with direct-drive turntables.

The double-layer turntable, the aluminium S-shaped tonearm and the two-layer chassis are also decisive for the flawless performance. Sound-damaging resonances and vibrations are prevented from the outset, allowing for optimal tracking and thus a particularly appealing, detailed reproduction, whereby the manufacturer itself speaks of the ultimate record enjoyment.

An automatic lift of the tone arm when the end of the record is reached ensures comfort. Furthermore, it has to be emphasised that the new Technics SL-1500C-W is delivered as a ready-to-play solution.

A high-quality cartridge system is already fitted at the factory, namely an Ortofon 2M Red MM cartridge from the renowned Ortofon A/S company. Since the cartridge is mounted on a tonearm with headshell and bayonet connection, the user can easily exchange the cartridge at any time if he wants to upgrade.

The Technics SL-1500C-W also has an integrated phono preamplifier ex works, so that no additional investment is required in this respect. But of course you can also bypass this and use a higher-quality external solution.

Prices and availability

The new Technics SL-1500C-W should be available in specialist shops as early as May 2023. The recommended retail price is listed by the manufacturer at € 1.199,-.

Getting to the point

According to Technics, the new Technics SL-1500C-W meets the wishes of many customers who, in addition to the black and silver versions of the Technics SL-1500C, would like to have an additional version in the trendy colour matt white. The Technics SL-1500C in particular shows matt white to advantage, as the manufacturer points out, because it is a turntable with a minimalist design language that can be seamlessly integrated into any living environment and serves as a timelessly elegant eye-catcher. Nevertheless, the Technics SL-1500C-W is a particularly exciting turntable from a technical point of view, which is once again designed as a direct drive and, in this case, even as a ready-to-play solution with a pre-mounted pick-up system and integrated phono preamplifier.

Price€ 1.199,-
ManufacturerPanasonic Corporation
DistributionPanasonic Deutschland – Eine Division der Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
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