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Steinway & Sons Model A Loudspeaker – Placed against the wall…

A speaker system that is particularly easy to place in any living room and delivers the finest sound here is to be available with the new Steinway & Sons Model A Loudspeaker. Even placed close to the wall, uncompromising sound quality is to be achieved.

The new Steinway & Sons Model A Loudspeaker is a truly imposing appearance, although this is not so much related to the dimensions of this new speaker system of the Steinway Lingdorf brand from SL Audio A/S, but rather to its outstanding design. The Steinway & Sons Model A Loudspeaker presents itself as downright noble and exquisite, and is also supposed to offer the finest features for outstanding sound.

The most important feature of the new Steinway & Sons Model A Loudspeaker, however, is that it is a loudspeaker system that the manufacturer promotes as a solution that is particularly easy to integrate into the living environment, since it does not require any compromises in terms of imaging quality, even when placed close to the wall, and thus convinces with outstanding performance.

Steinway & Sons Model A – Designed for near-wall installation

We have already briefly mentioned that even though the manufacturer SL Audio A/S speaks of a loudspeaker system that can be integrated very flexibly and especially harmoniously into any living space, we are still dealing with a very powerful system.

After all, the new Steinway & Sons Model A Loudspeaker measures 1,150 mm in height, has a width of a remarkable 500 mm, but only a depth of 270 mm. The weight of no less than 76 kg alone proves how massive this speaker ultimately turned out to be.

No compromises on technology

The Steinway & Sons Model A is, of course, a full-range loudspeaker in which, according to the manufacturer’s promise, no compromises have been made in terms of technology.

First and foremost, the tweeter in the form of a so-called Air Motion Transformer, which is typical for solutions of the Steinway Lyngdorf brand, stands out here. It relies on a polyimide film, specifically Kapton and thus a plastic from DuPont, as well as on a powerful drive by means of a neodymium magnet.

The midrange is served by a 165 mm driver with a cone made of anodized aluminum, a two-layer 35 mm voice coil with a vented drive and copper-coated pole piece, installed in an injection-molded aluminum suspension.

The woofer range on the new Steinway & Sons Model A is covered by no less than two impressive woofers, each of which has a diameter of 300 mm and relies on an anodized aluminum cone. Again, a vented drive system based on a four-layer voice coil with a diameter of 75 mm and copper-coated pole piece is used, and the drivers are of course housed in a solid, flow-optimized basket made of injection-molded aluminum.

Outstanding design

The Steinway & Sons Model A loudspeaker system is designed as a closed cabinet, with a particularly exciting combination of different materials being used in the construction of the cabinet. Thus, the basic construction is made of MDF, combined with elements made of aluminum and a base made of stainless steel.

Ultimately, however, the user is presented with striking side panels in black piano lacquer, the baffle is also kept in black, whereby a border of the tweeter in matte gold provides accents here first and foremost. The entire baffle is also crowned with a speaker grill, which ultimately presents itself as a kind of string in subtle black.

Custom colors and polished gold details are of course also available on request and special order, according to the manufacturer. This is made possible not least by the fact that the new Steinway & Sons Model A was not only designed in Denmark, but is also assembled by hand here.

  • Foto © SL Audio A/S | Steinway & Sons Model A
  • Foto © SL Audio A/S | Steinway & Sons Model A
  • Foto © SL Audio A/S | Steinway & Sons Model A

Steinway Lyngdorf Integrated System Approach

SL Audio A/S always follows a solution-oriented approach with products of the Steinway Lyngdorf brand. The manufacturer refers to this as the Steinway Lyngdorf Integrated System Approach, and this also applies to the new Steinway & Sons Model A loudspeaker system.

The combination of electronics and loudspeaker system from a single source guarantees optimal tuning, and also allows functions that conventional systems do not offer.

Steinway & Sons Model A is designed with Steinway & Sons A1 or A2 digital power amplifiers as an integral part of the system, with Steinway & Sons stereo or surround processors providing the active crossover in the digital domain. In addition, Lyngdorf RoomPerfect adapts the Steinway & Sons Model A to room acoustics, ensuring the best sound performance in any room, according to the manufacturer’s promise.

Accordingly, the new Steinway & Sons Model A features two connections for the integration of amplifier systems, with the manufacturer talking about a potential of two times 400 watts per speaker system and making the connections with high-quality Neutrik speakON.

“Over the years, the Steinway Lyngdorf loudspeaker portfolio has continued to expand, ranging from the iconic Model D to the incredibly small but ingenious Model S. The new Model A is the ideal choice for those who want the acclaimed Steinway & Sons loudspeaker performance, but prefer a living room-friendly placement near the wall. While this placement in the room is often considered less than ideal, the Model A exceeds all expectations and delivers an exceptional sound experience.”

Roland Hoffmann, Director of Product Marketing at Steinway Lyngdorf

Pricing and availability

The new Steinway & Sons Model A will likely be available in the second quarter of 2022, according to the manufacturer. However, the company has not yet named prices.

Getting to the point

The special feature of the new Steinway & Sons Model A is that it is an extremely powerful speaker system that was nevertheless designed for the most harmonious integration possible in the living room and is thus primarily designed for placement close to the wall. The manufacturer’s description shows that Steinway Lingdorf is addressing a target group that appreciates exclusive solutions. It speaks of an optimal integration in living rooms, media rooms, penthouses or yachts as well as special home theaters that do not have room for separate woofers.

ManufacturerS/L Audio A/S
Distribution GermanyDREI H Vertriebs GmbH
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