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Sony TA-AN1000 7.2-Kanal 8 K Home Entertainment AV-Receiver

Sony Corporation is once again focusing on AV receivers, and with the new Sony TA-AN1000 7.2-channel 8K home entertainment AV receiver it is presenting a solution right away that is to be distinguished by the most modern equipment features and thus prove to be the top model in the home entertainment range of the Japanese company.

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  • Sony Corporation is convinced that the new Sony TA-AN1000 offers everything needed to turn movies and games into an immersive experience.

Cinema feeling in the living room, this is what Sony Corporation promises with the new Sony TA-AN1000 7.2 channel 8 K home entertainment AV receiver and thus a solution that is supposed to offer everything to make movies as well as games a true experience, an immersive sound experience. The new AV receiver from Sony Corporation comes with a wealth of features that enable it to support the latest video formats and, of course, all relevant surround sound formats.

Content in 4K as well as 8K with support for Dolby Vision and IMAX Enhanced can be reproduced as well as 7.2-channel surround sound using Sony 360 Spatial Sound Mapping.

Outstanding picture quality thanks to the latest standards in the Sony TA-AN1000

First and foremost, Sony Corporation promises outstanding picture quality, as the new Sony TA-AN1000 is equipped for all relevant standards and can process content in 4K as well as 8K. HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision and IMAX Enhanced are all available. The manufacturer also emphasises that the Sony TA-AN1000 will make gaming even more exciting and realistic, as the new AV receiver supports the latest formats such as 4K120, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) in HDMI 2.1. This ensures smoother and clearer movements for responsive gameplay.

In addition, the Sony TA-AN1000 is said to be able to pass through Tone Mapping with HDR Auto and Auto Genre Picture Mode to compatible Sony BRAVIA TVs for an even better gaming experience with the Sony PlayStation 5.

Sony 360 Spatial Sound Mapping

When it comes to audio signal processing, the new Sony TA-AN1000 focuses on Sony 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, a technology that, according to the manufacturer, guarantees a thrilling cinema experience in the home.

The linchpin here is that the sound experience should not be limited to those speaker systems that are actually in the room, but rather this technology can distribute numerous so-called phantom speakers in the room to authentically generate a particularly wide listening field.

These phantom speakers are created using position data measured by Sony Digital Cinema Auto Calibration IX (D.C.A.C. IX), the latest auto calibration technology from Sony Corporation.

Using the supplied calibration microphone, D.C.A.C. IX measures the speaker position in 3D and can correct the distance, angle, sound pressure and frequency response of each speaker.

In addition, the Automatic Phase Matching function matches the phase characteristics of the different speakers. This compensates for speaker placement problems, delays or phase shifts, so viewers experience the most realistic sound.

With Sony 360 Spatial Sound Mapping and support for the latest audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, the Sony TA-AN1000 is the ideal speaker setup for any home theatre, the manufacturer promises.

Immersive audio experience also for music

Of course, Sony Corporation does not fail to point out that the immersive audio functionality of the new Sony TA-AN1000 can also be used for music, especially since this network AV receiver naturally allows direct access to a wide range of streaming services and supports audio data in hi-res audio, including, of course, DSD.

In addition to UPnP, Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast, the new Sony TA-AN1000 also supports Spotify Connect and is designated as Works with Sonos.

It should also be mentioned that Bluetooth is of course available, so that smartphones and tablets can be used directly as a source.

Flexible expansion for Sony BRAVIA TVs

Sony Corporation emphasises that the new Sony TA-AN1000 has been optimised to work with Sony BRAVIA televisions, creating a flexible and easy-to-use home cinema system.

When the Sony TA-AN1000 is connected to a Sony BRAVIA TV with Acoustic Centre Sync, the amplifier combines the sound from the TV with that from the centre speaker to create a breathtaking sound experience that is precisely tuned to the screen, according to the manufacturer. Dialogue seems to come from exactly where the characters are in the scene, making what’s happening on screen feel much more realistic.

The Sony TA-AN1000 also integrates seamlessly with the Quick Settings menu on Sony BRAVIA TVs, so features such as the amplifier’s sound field can be conveniently adjusted using the TV’s remote control. Of course, the volume can also be controlled via the TV remote, but this is guaranteed with any TV via HDMI CEC.

With an intuitive, guided new setup, the Sony TA-AN1000 is easy to set up. From positioning speakers to setting up separate zones in the home, the Sony TA-AN1000 is said to make it easy for users to create the perfect configuration.

In addition, the Sony TA-AN1000 can be wirelessly connected to the following optional Sony Corporation speakers: the Sony SA-RS5 and Sony SA-RS3S wireless rear speakers and the Sony SA-SW5 and Sony SA-SW3 wireless subwoofers.

Prices and availability

According to the manufacturer, the new Sony TA-AN1000 should be available at specialist retailers in mid-June 2023. The recommended retail price is listed at € 999,-.

Getting to the point

So now Sony Corporation is back in the AV receiver segment, and with the new Sony TA-AN1000 they could indeed have an extremely exciting system on offer at a very attractive price. The Sony TA-AN1000 offers everything that can be expected from a solution in this category nowadays, and Sony Corporation is a manufacturer that plays a decisive role in the development of immersive audio.

Price€ 999,-
ManufacturerSony Corporation
DistributionSony Corporation
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