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Sonus Faber S.p.a. and McIntosh Laboratory Inc. cooperate with Wally Yachts

It is a historic milestone for Sonus Faber S.p.a. and McIntosh Laboratory Inc. as it is the first time their state-of-the-art systems have been deployed at sea, in collaboration with Ferretti S.p.a. and its Wally Yachts brand.

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  • Sonus Faber S.p.a. and McIntosh Laboratory Inc. are now cooperating with Ferretti S.p.a. to provide Wally Yachts with the finest high-end hi-fi.

Blue Meters on Blue Sea” is how Sonus Faber S.p.a. and McIntosh Laboratory Inc. describe a new cooperation with Wally Yachts of the Italian group Ferreti S.p.a., which they have now established and which is shown for the first time in custom installation systems for the wallywhy200 yacht. This exciting collaboration, as the three companies describe it, combines the unmatched power and performance of McIntosh Laboratory inc. amplification systems and Sonus Faber S.p.a. custom installation speaker systems with the innovative yacht design of the Wally Yachts brand.

The result, all three companies involved in the collaboration are convinced, will be an unparalleled sound experience driven by a passion for the sea, beauty and style.

A historic milestone for Sonus Faber S.p.a. and McIntosh Laboratory Inc.

Sonus Faber S.p.a. and McIntosh Laboratory Inc. see the new collaboration with Ferretti S.p.a. as a historic milestone in their company’s history, because it means that they can now expand their own product range to the very prestigious marine segment, and with Wally Yachts they have been able to win a very attractive, established brand as a partner.

Sonus Faber S.p.a. and McIntosh Laboratory Inc. have always seen it as their mission to push the boundaries of audio technology, and this latest collaboration with Wally Yachts is no exception.

It is a historic milestone, as it is the first time that state-of-the-art systems from the two brands have been used at sea.

CI-Fi – Custom Installation HiFi

They have worked tirelessly to develop a system that delivers breathtaking sound quality even in the most challenging marine environments. Although the term Custom Installation is used, the term CI-Fi is used to refer explicitly to the outstanding quality they promise to have achieved.

Throughout the product development process, performance has been a top priority, according to the promise of Sonus Faber S.p.a. and McIntosh Laboratory inc. Each company has placed great emphasis on developing technical solutions that combine form and function while providing an upscale aesthetic for discerning customers. Each audio system for yachts is individually adapted to the acoustics of the respective installation site.

wallywhy200 with CI-Fi from McIntosh Laboratory Inc. and Sonus Faber S.p.a.

The first project of the collaboration is the wallywhy200, on which a variety of solutions from McIntosh Laboratory Inc. and Sonus Faber S.p.a. are used. On the main deck of the wallywhy200, for example, there is an audio system that uses two McIntosh MC312 2-channel amplifiers and the McIntosh MC255 5-channel amplifier. It also features a McIntosh MX170 A/V Processor, which is said to offer advanced control features for an immersive sound experience.

The yacht’s main deck speaker system consists of two Sonus Faber Custom Speakers, four Sonus Faber Custom Active Subwoofers and also four Sonus Faber Palladio PC683 3-way ceiling speakers, with all speaker and subwoofer systems said to blend seamlessly with the yacht’s design.

The wallywhy200’s so-called Master Cabin houses a McIntosh MX123 A/V Processor and a McIntosh MI347 7-Channel Digital Amplifier, firing five Sonus Faber Palladio PC662 in-cell speakers. In addition, there is a 12-inch custom active subwoofer.

And then there is the so-called Upper Deck Salon, which also uses a McIntosh MX123 A/V processor in combination with a McIntosh MI347 7-channel digital amplifier. Five Sonus Faber Palladio PC662 In-Celing Speakers in combination with a 12 inch Sonus Faber Custom Active Subwoofer complete the system.

Getting to the point

For manufacturers such as McIntosh Laboratory Inc. and Sonus Faber S.p.a., it is of great importance to be active in areas such as the automotive segment, namely in the premium segment, in order to address new customers who often cannot be reached with classic hi-fi and AV systems alone. The fact that the company is now cooperating with a manufacturer such as Ferretti S.p.a. and its Wally Yachts brand fits perfectly into the concept, especially since this segment appears to be even more prestigious and opens up a particularly exclusive clientele.

Wally Yachts
ManufacturerSonus Faber S.p.a.
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Distribution GermanyAudio Components Vertriebs GmbH
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