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sonoro ORCHESTRA – Perfect for sonoro MAESTRO

The sonoro MAESTRO is a so-called HiFi Internet receiver, which offers a variety of possibilities in the most compact form and requires only one pair of loudspeakers as playing partner. sonoro audio GmbH now offers this in the form of the new sonoro ORCHESTRA.

For years, the German company sonoro audio GmbH has been a proven specialist for so-called all-in-one systems, i.e. solutions that allow music playback from a wide variety of sources in the smallest of spaces. The company can refer to a wide range of products, whereby all systems are characterized by the fact that they are actually the most compact solutions, which “work” on their own, so they do not require any additional equipment. However, one system is an exception, namely the sonoro MAESTRO Smarter All-in-One HiFi Receiver, which was introduced at the end of last year.

As the name already indicates, the sonoro MAESTRO Smarter All-in-One HiFi Receiver is not a conventional All-in-One audio system, but a so called Stereo Receiver. This receiver shines through its versatile possibilities, but requires an additional speaker system. This is exactly what sonoro audio GmbH now offers in the form of the new sonoro ORCHESTRA, whereby the German company even calls this loudspeaker system a design loudspeaker system.

The fact that sonoro MAESTRO is a particularly versatile system is something the company has already expressed around the presentation. The sonoro MAESTRO was not only called a smart all-in-one, but also a smarter all-in-one hifi receiver. This was to indicate that there are many features available that are not normally found in this class. The new sonoro MAESTRO not only combines various sources such as Audio CD, radio, streaming via network and Bluetooth, it is equipped with numerous analog and digital interfaces, it also offers the possibility to adjust the sound very flexibly to individual requirements, and even more, by means of calibration it should be possible to adapt it to the room.

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Therefore, it is of course very important which speaker system is used with the sonoro MAESTRO, so that the best results can be achieved.

The new sonoro ORCHESTRA should be able to meet exactly these high demands. It is a two-way bass reflex system with compact dimensions, which can nevertheless also provide larger rooms with rich, convincing sound without any problems.

The basis for this is a low-midrange driver equipped with a powerful double-magnet drive, which should deliver a rich, powerful bass and accurate mid-range. An Air Motion Transformer is responsible for the upper frequency spectrum, which, according to the manufacturer, guarantees a very detailed, crystal-clear image. The division of labour is handled by a carefully tuned crossover, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The frequency range that can be covered by the sonoro ORCHESTRA is specified as 44 Hz up to 28 kHz.

The cabinet is made of high-strength HDF so that vibrations that could influence the sound are eliminated. The speakers measure 210 x 288 x 365 mm and weigh 10 kg each. This is a clear sign that these compact speaker systems are designed to be massive.

The cabinet is hand-sanded and finished with a fine piano lacquer finish. In addition, aluminium applications are to provide an attractive visual contrast.

“After the MAESTRO, our ORCHESTRA speakers are our second premiere this year. For the first time we also offer external speakers. They are the perfect complement to our Hifi receiver MAESTRO. Of course, we also relied on our German engineering skills when developing ORCHESTRA. Highest possible sound quality, timeless design and easy handling are the measure of all things here as in all our products. We hope that our customers will have as much pleasure with ORCHESTRA as we had in developing it”.

Marcell Faller, founder and managing director sonoro audio GmbH

The new loudspeaker systems sonoro ORCHESTRA are offered in two versions: black and white. The recommended retail price is stated by the manufacturer as € 999,- and they should be available in specialist shops from June.

Getting to the point

The new sonoro ORCHESTRA should be exactly the right solution to accompany the sonoro MAESTRO Smarter All-in-One HiFi Receiver, so that you can actually achieve the best results. It is a two-way bass reflex system with compact dimensions, which nevertheless can easily provide larger rooms with rich, convincing sound.

Manufacturer:sonoro audio GmbH
Distribution:sonoro audio GmbH
Price:€ 999,-
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