Sir Oliver Mally and Martin Moro “Live Incidents” on CD and as Hi-Res Download

It is these very special, sometimes even magical moments, of which only a few may be experienced, but which will remain in your memory forever. For me one of these moments was on an evening in April 2016, in a small gallery in Birkfeld, Styria. On the stage sat two musicians who performed no less than their heart’s blood, Sir Oliver Mally and Martin Moro.

It was the way of a concert, which one is unfortunately allowed to experience much too seldom. On two evenings in mid-April 2016, Sir Oliver Mally and Martin Moro, two truly exceptional artists, gave a guest performance at the Galerie Schlagers in Birkfeld, a small community that blends harmoniously into the hilly landscape of the Feistritz Valley.

One of them, Martin Moro, simply plays everything with bravura, on which strings can be found, according to the characterization of his partner Sir Oliver Mally. Well, and said Sir Oliver Mally, as is well known, knows how to wring every imaginable nuance from the strings of his guitars, whereby he knows how to use this as a basis for his own songs, occasionally also for his very touching interpretation of songs from another pen. The spectrum reaches much further than the strict genre names that are somewhere between singer/songwriter and blues. Sir Oliver Mally does not want to fit into these genre boundaries, not even in the slightest, and deliberately does not want to be restricted or restricted at all.

On these two evenings in the middle of April 2016, the small stage, which was really only wrapped in a breath of light, was full of microphones, a veritable battery of microphones was placed in front of and beside the artists. But this did not affect the visitors, at least not on these two evenings. The only purpose of these microphones was to capture the events on stage in all its subtleties, to use this as the basis for a live CD, which according to Sir Oliver Mally was long overdue…

Above all, the intimate setting offered by the gallery on these evenings allowed all the technology to take a back seat, even if it was visually quite present. The audience, at any rate, only heard “unadulterated” material, pure, direct, immediate, free of any kind of electronics.

Sir Oliver Mally und Martin Moro Live Incidents Cover 2

With “Live Incidents” Sir Oliver Mally and Martin Moro present no less than a truly splendid, audiophile live album in the form of a double CD as well as a 24 bit 44.1 kHz Hi-Res download.

Every nuance, every subtlety, with every detail, be it the string playing or the singing, presented and performed with a passion and dedication in which even the softest tones, even every crunch and creak on the frets of the guitars, every breath became part of the performance.

What was to be experienced on these two evenings is difficult to put into words. It is simply music in its purest form, performed as if in your own living room. Silently the visitors listened to the two musicians, hardly daring the audience to move, just not to disturb the wonderful atmosphere, the concentration on the performance, not to cause the slightest irritation.

During the break, one visitor put it in a nutshell: it was so beautiful that he was almost close to tears. There is no clearer way of expressing what music can achieve without any kind of dazzle…

What was backed up on hard disk on those evenings, that was already clear at the time, can only become the basis for an almost splendid live album, a live album that is nothing less than the essence of what Sir Oliver Mally and his congenial partner – not only – made that evening.

And it has proved to be true, because with “Live Incidents” the new live album by Sir Oliver Mally and Martin Moro is now available as a double CD, but also as a very nice hi-res download.

The fact that this album, as just described, was created in a very unusual setting should already make what has already been said clear. But that with “Live Incidents” exactly this magic was actually captured is thanks to Martin Moro, who once again took over the recording and mixing of this album “by the way”, before it was handed over to Hans-Jörg Maucksch of Pauler Acoustics for mastering. He conjured up a perfect master for Audio CD (double album), but also Hi-Res in 24 Bit and 44,1 kHz.

If it weren’t for the thunderous applause, one could think the album was recorded in a studio, whereby the intimate conditions alone ensured that one could speak of a studio album. Alone, there were no tens of takes recorded here, no overdubs were used to polish up or conceal anything, everything is just as it was recorded on hard disk on these two evenings.

The altogether 18 tracks of this album, two of them as a perfect live version and a second one as Rehearsal & Soundcheck Incidents, are in every respect a quintessence of the work of Sir Oliver Mally as a solo artist, whereby he has chosen Martin Moro as a congenial, virtuoso and therefore perfect partner. There is nothing more to say about it, except: Enjoy, every second!

Getting to the point

One could see the new album by Sir Oliver Mally and Martin Moro as a Pleading for the effect of quiet tones in contrast to the loudness of our world, whose power is revealed to anyone who not only listens but also listens. In any case, it is proof that nothing more is needed for gripping music than two thoroughbred musicians who know how to inspire with passion and corresponding dedication. The CD is already fine, the Hi-Res download just a dream!

Live Incidents
Artist:Sir Oliver Mally, Martin Moro
Composer:Sir Oliver Mally, various
Genre:Blues, Singer/Songwriter
Format:CD, Download
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