Qobuz Connect – Qobuz with its own streaming platform?

There are increasing signs that the streaming provider Qobuz will soon be presenting Qobuz Connect, a streaming platform that will allow direct playback of audio streaming on different products directly with the Qobuz app.

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  • Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect and now possibly Qobuz Connect? In fact, it seems that Qobuz Connect is about to be launched.

For providers such as TIDAL, Spotify or Qobuz, it is extremely important that their subscribers can access content directly in a particularly simple way, with as few restrictions as possible on the choice of playback devices. For example, the industry leader in streaming, Spotify, developed a solution early on with Spotify Connect that allowed the direct integration of corresponding audio solutions into the Spotify app. TIDAL followed with TIDAL Connect.

Now it seems that Qobuz is another provider working on such a streaming platform, at least Qobuz Connect is already available to selected users in a first beta phase.

Direct integration without an additional app

Of course, hardware manufacturers have been offering apps for their streaming solutions for years, which not only allow access to their own content over the network, but also implement a wide range of streaming services. However, this always means that you are dependent on this additional app, and sometimes you cannot access all the functions that streaming providers offer in their own app, or not at all.
It is much more convenient to be able to use the app of the service you have chosen directly.

Spotify Connect was the beginning, TIDAL Connect followed…

The first to do so was Spotify. With Spotify Connect, it offered a technology platform that hardware manufacturers could implement in their streaming systems, so that their users could in turn access it directly via the Spotify app. Devices compatible with Spotify Connect are displayed directly in the Spotify app and can therefore be used for playback without any detours.

Direct data traffic between server and streaming client, app on smartphone or tablet as remote control

Incidentally, the same applies to data traffic, if we dare to take a brief look behind the scenes. With Spotify Connect, the smartphone with the app acts as a remote control, with the actual data traffic taking place directly via the streaming client.

All of this also applies to TIDAL, of course, because this service also decided a long time ago to develop a corresponding technology platform with TIDAL Connect, which hardware manufacturers can integrate into their solutions, of course in return for the payment of corresponding licence fees.
With TIDAL Connect, it is even more exciting that the data traffic only takes place between the provider’s server and the streaming client, as this means that content in Hi-res audio can actually be played back in full quality and is not subject to the technical restrictions of a smartphone or tablet.

Qobuz Connect – Finally

For a long time, there had been speculation that Qobuz would also offer such a solution, and the company had also announced several times that it was pursuing such plans, but nothing has happened yet.

However, there are now increasing signs that it will not be too long before Qobuz also provides a technology platform, a corresponding interface for hardware manufacturers, with Qobuz Connect.
At least it looks like the beta phase of this offer is currently starting for selected users, with corresponding postings on social media platforms serving as a clear indication.

Prices and availability

It is currently not possible to predict how much time Qobuz will allow to pass before it catches up with its competitors TIDAL and Spotify with Qobuz Connect. It should also be borne in mind that this technology platform also has to be integrated into a wide range of hardware systems.

Getting to the point

Qobuz has taken a long time to offer its customers a solution that is on a par with Spotify Connect or TIDAL Connect. Now it seems that Qobuz Connect has reached the point where the company is inviting selected users to take part in an initial beta phase. However, it is not yet clear when Qobuz Connect will be officially announced, and above all, which hardware manufacturers will use this technology and when it will ultimately be available in as many products as possible.

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