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Sharp GX-BT60 – Handy companion…

Since a smartphone is often the interface to music anyway, the only thing missing is a suitable Bluetooth speaker, such as one that can be taken along at all times. The new Sharp GX-BT60 is intended to be just such a handy solution.

Sharp GX-BT60, this is supposed to be a handy Bluetooth speaker that can easily function as an everyday companion. It is small enough to be worn on the wrist and thus ideally suited to disappear in any pocket.

Nevertheless, according to the manufacturer Sharp Corporation, it is supposed to offer an appealing sound and be robustly equipped for all weather conditions.

Sharp GX-BT60 – Bluetooth Speaker on a Carrying Strap

Only a few centimetres in size and very light, the new Sharp GX-BT60 can be worn directly on the wrist via a strap. The manufacturer itself refers to this as a pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker that is designed for everyday use. It is also easy to attach the speaker to a jacket, bag or backpack with the help of this strap.

The robust design ensures that this is also possible outdoors in almost any weather. The new Sharp GX-BT60 is classified according to IP67 and is therefore both dustproof and waterproof.

Integrated microphone

With a microphone integrated into the speaker, the new Sharp GX-BT60 functions as a hands-free device for telephone calls. It can also be used to access the voice control of smartphones, regardless of whether the voice assistant is called Google Assistant or Apple Siri.

AUX input for analogue sources

  • Sharp GX BT60 01
  • Sharp GX BT60 08
  • Sharp GX BT60 07
  • Sharp GX BT60 06
  • Sharp GX BT60 05
  • Sharp GX BT60 04
  • Sharp GX BT60 03
  • Sharp GX BT60 02

Of course, an input for analogue sources should not be missing, even if it is rarely needed. Nevertheless, if you do need it, it is there.

This input is of course in the usual form, i.e. a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack.

In pairs for richer sound

If you want a little more punch than the 45 mm full-range driver with 6 watt amplifier module is capable of, you can combine two Sharp GX-BT60s, via Bluetooth of course, although the manufacturer’s claim of “true stereo sound pleasure” is probably not really what users in this class are looking for. To be fair, it’s probably better to speak of a richer sound alone. This is practical, for example, when you’re having a picnic with friends or family, or when you’re lying on the beach at the seaside or even just in the open-air swimming pool in town.

Long battery life

To ensure that the new Sharp GX-BT60 really is a flexible companion for everyday use, it has a 1,800 mAh lithium-ion battery that is supposed to provide up to 13 hours of playtime.

This battery is charged via a microUSB interface. The matching cable is included.

The new Sharp GX-BT60 is now available in stores for a really modest € 29. The colours black, grey and blue are available.

Getting to the point

For a visit to the bathroom, a picnic with friends and family, a trip to the countryside, it is always nice to “have music with you”, although a really simple system is usually sufficient. For example, one like the new Sharp GX-BT60. Small, robust and available at a very reasonable price.

Manufacturer:Sharp Corporation
Distribution:Sharp Corporation
Price:€ 29,-
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